Contract Hire

From Nathaniel Cars, Bridgend, Wales

Driving a car can sometimes be an expensive process – but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to drive the latest cars without paying the high up-front cost, you may want to join the thousands of people and businesses across South Wales who are leasing their vehicle.

Contract Hire is a rental product where the monthly rentals are based on the period of hire, the annual mileage, the vehicle price and the anticipated future value of the vehicle. Service and maintenance cover can be introduced. You typically pay an initial payment of three or six monthly rentals and this is followed by equal monthly rentals over the hire period.

Benefits of Contract Hire

  • Fixed Low Rentals (Low fixed cost monthly rentals help improve cash flow)
  • Zero Depreciation
  • More Tax Efficient (Claim your rentals back against Income or Corporation Tax)
    VAT Reclaimable (Up to 100% of the rental VAT can be reclaimed on LCV's and up to 50% on cars)
  • Includes Road Tax (Annual Road Fund Licence is included for the duration of the contract).