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Auto Industry Excitement Over the New MG: Introducing the MG XS

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One of the most exciting highlights of the London Motor Show was the unveiling of the new MG XS. The new SUV is smaller than the MG GS. The design merges an upmarket appeal with the value of an MG. We can’t wait to welcome the MG XS to our full line up of MG cars.

Once customers see the brand new sleek SUV, we are sure it will become a favourite. Designed by SAIC which is a division of MG’s parent company, the MG XS brings all the attitude and sporty countenance of a high-end SUV while maintaining the practicality and comfort of an MG.

The name XS is a combination of “S” for SUV and “X” for extra which stands for the extra value of this MG SUV. MG strives to give customers the very best performance, reliability, and efficiency for lower prices than the competition.

This small SUV is expected to rival the Nissan Juke for a fraction of the price. While the exact price has not been released yet, it is said that it will be almost £4000 less than the price of a Nissan Juke. While the car will be known as the MG XS in the UK, it will be sold in China as the ZS.

Improvements have been made to give customers more options. The MG XS will be available with automatic or manual transmission. More details about the car’s specifications will be announced later this year. Within the upcoming eighteen months, fully electric and PHEV versions of the XS are expected to be available.

Customers who are excited about the prospect of owning one of these incredible cars will need to wait just a bit longer. The MG XS is expected to go on sale in the UK some time in November 2017. Watch our website for news on its availability.

For those who don’t want to wait to own a stylish new car, we have many striking options among the MG and Mitsubishi lines. Stop in to talk to our sales team, and you will likely find your new pride and joy among the great values we have in stock.

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