COVID-19 MOT Rules and How To Get Your Vehicle Out Of Lockdown

COVID-19 MOT Rules and How To Get Your Vehicle Out Of Lockdown

The Corona virus outbreak has disrupted many aspects of normal daily life for almost everyone in the UK and across the world. From social distancing in stores to working from home, our lives feel completely different than they did just a couple of months ago.

There are so many new rules and regulations in place, changing almost daily, that it’s hard to keep with it all. One of these changes includes MOT testing for car owners.

Do I need to MOT my car during the COVID-19 lockdown?

From 30 March 2020, all MOT certificates in the UK were extended for six months. This means that if your car was due its MOT after 30 March, its certificate is extended for another six months – so, you won’t have to visit your test centre until later in the year. This applies to motorcycles and light vans, too.

If your car is relatively new and was due its first MOT after 30 March 2020, it is still covered by this extension.

However, even if your MOT certificate has been extended for six months, it is still your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Driving an unsafe car could result in a £2,500 fine, a driving ban and 3 penalty points.

How do I check my MOT extension?

Whilst the MOT extensions are being applied automatically, it is a good idea to check that yours has gone through without issue. Visit the government’s MOT history portal for full details of your car’s MOT and when it is valid until. The portal is updating information in date order, so your car’s new MOT due date will be updated about seven days before the original expiry date.

If your car’s MOT extension has not been applied three days before it is due to expire, email with your MOT expiration date and number plate. The DVSA will then update the vehicle’s record and email you to confirm it is complete.

Safety checks to get your car out of lockdown

If you haven’t used your car in a while here is a simple list of checks to carry out before your journey to ensure your car is safe to drive:

·      Windows, windscreens and mirrors are clean

·      All lights work

·      The brakes work

Additionally, it is important to routinely check the following:

·      Engine oil

·      Water level in the radiator

·      Brake fluid level

·      Battery

·      Windscreen washer fluid

·      Tyre tread (should be at least 1.6mm)

 MOT renewal 

Your MOT certificate will not be extended if your vehicle’s MOT expires on or after 1 August 2020. You must book an MOT as usual as MOT centres are open now. You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.