Everything you need to know about the new UK driving laws and rules for 2022

Everything you need to know about the new UK driving laws and rules for 2022

At Nathaniel Cars, we want all of our drivers, whether they buy a new EV, hybrid or petrol car, to leave our forecourt safely. So, it’s important that we’re up to date on the latest rules and regulations.

Some new UK driving laws are on the way in 2022. These include changes to 10 sections of the Highway Code with 50 new or updated rules that drivers should be aware of. And there are some new laws that relate specifically to electric vehicles (EVs)

The 2022 Highway Code updates

Here’s what you need to know about the changes that relate to the Highway Code rules in 2022.

Hierarchy of road users

The Highway Code now includes three new rules about the “hierarchy of road users”. The hierarchy shows which road users are most at risk in the event of a collision, including cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

These new rules say that it’s important for all road users to:

  • be aware of The Highway Code
  • be considerate to other road users
  • understand their responsibility for the safety of others

Crossing the road safely

The code now makes it clear that when people are crossing or waiting to cross at a junction, the people crossing have priority. So, if traffic wants to turn into the road, they should give way to the person who is crossing.

Guidance has also been added that drivers and cyclists should give way to people who are using a parallel crossing. This is a zebra crossing with a cycle lane alongside it.

Safety for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders

On routes and spaces which are shared by people walking, cycling and riding horses, the safety of everyone should be taken into account. People walking should take care not to obstruct or endanger those who are cycling or riding.

Guidance has been added for cyclists which says that they should:

  • not pass people closely or at high speed, particularly from behind
  • slow down when necessary and let people know they are there by ringing their bell
  • remember that people walking may be deaf, blind or partially sighted
  • not pass a horse on the horse’s left

There’s also updated guidance for drivers to take extra care when entering a roundabout to make sure they don’t cut across people cycling, riding a horse or driving a horse-drawn vehicle. As well as new guidance on safe passing distances and speeds.

Driver overtaking a horse

Using an electric vehicle charge point

For the first time, the code includes guidance about using electric vehicle charging points.

This includes:

  • parking close to the charge point to avoid people tripping over trailing cables
  • displaying a warning sign if you can
  • returning charging cables and connectors neatly

You can read more about the changes to the Highway Code on gov.uk.

New and changing UK driving laws

As well as the changes to the Highway Code, there are some new driving laws and regulations in 2022.

Stricter rules on mobile phone use in vehicles

The rules on using a mobile phone while driving have changed.

From 2022, motorists could receive a fine of £200 and six points on their licence for touching their phones while they are behind the wheel.

This will include using a phone for gaming, taking selfies and scrolling through playlists.

Drivers can still use their phone as a sat nav, as long as it’s secured in a mobile phone holder. Although you’ll have to pull over safely if you want to adjust your route.

You can also use your phone to make payments at drive throughs and toll roads.

Speed limiters in all new cars

From July the 6th 2022, speed limiters will be mandatory in all new cars.

Also known as an Intelligent Speed Assistant system (ISA), speed limiters alert drivers if they’re going too fast.

New clean air zones and EV charging points

A clean air zone is an area, usually in a city, that charges high-emission vehicles to enter them and allows 100%-electric vehicles to enter at no cost.

Bradford, Oxford and Manchester should have new clean air or low emission zones in 2022.

Also, as part of the growing network of EV charging points in the UK, it will be a legal requirement for all new builds in England to install electric-car charging points.

New charging points will be installed in new-build homes, new supermarkets and any other buildings having major renovations.

This is part of a pledge by the Department for Transport to reach a target of 300,000 public chargers by 2030.

We’re committed to safe, lawful driving

At Nathaniel Cars, we want all our drivers to have a safe and enjoyable experience on the roads. Whatever kind of car you want to drive, we’re here to help.

But, with a promise of more charging points across the UK and a commitment to more clean air zones in 2022, there’s never been a better time to buy your first electric car.

If you want to find out more about how you can join the EV revolution, come and speak to the plug-in car experts at Nathaniel Cars.

You can fill in the “Ask our EV Experts” form, or pop into our Cardiff and Bridgend showrooms to see our range of electric cars for yourself.

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