Road trip

The summer is here (apparently) so it’s time to take to the roads and head off for a world of adventure in our cars – that’s right, ROAD TRIP!

If you’re going to be heading out this summer then there are a few essentials that you need to take with you in order to give you the best possible experience. Here are ten awesome accessories that will make your road trip absolutely epic!

1. Bluetooth Kit

Is your car or van already kitted out with Bluetooth? If not, then this is an essential device for safety and convenience. This will allow you to make and take calls while you drive, stream music across your vehicle’s speakers and even use it for easier GPS navigation. Depending on the system you get, this could cost you anything from £20 up to a couple of hundred, don’t be fooled into thinking the more expensive the better – plenty of cheaper options deliver top notch performance.

2. Cooler

There’s nothing worse than having warm drinks or not being able to keep your food cold – a good quality hard cooler removes this problem. Simply fill this with ice and you’ll be happily set for an all-dayer – some hard coolers are even able to keep ice frozen for an entire week! That’s more than good enough for a week long road trip, and you can even use a hard cooler as a bench if you’re stuck for seating. 

3. Duct Tape

Honestly, you’ll be surprised how often duct tape comes in handy. Before you go anywhere make sure that you have a full roll in your boot – better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it eh? This is great for everything from first aid to emergency vehicle repairs.

4. First Aid Kit

While you could use duct tape for plasters, it always pays off to have a complete first aid kit if things do take a sour turn. Don’t skimp here and buy a cheapo kit – a full adventure first aid kit will give you all the essentials for most injuries with plenty left over in case lightning strikes twice. 

5. Spare Tyre and Jack 

This really should be included in your vehicle at all times, but when you’re going for a full-on adventure it really pays off to have a jack and spare tyre to hand.  More importantly, knowing how to change a tyre is essential.road_trip_accessories.jpg

6. A Map

Yes, Sat Navs and mobile phones make maps a bit redundant but when you’re in the middle of nowhere with zero signal, wavering battery and a long drive ahead of you then you’ll be grateful for the bog standard, low tech map. 

7. Torch 

You don’t need a torch with the light of a million candles, but a decent headlamp or handheld torch can make rummaging around in your trunk, midnight visits to the toilet and getting attention at night much easier.

8. Multi-Unit Car Charger 

Keeping your phones, cameras and Sat Nav on full juice isn’t easy so it’s a good idea to invest in a quality multi-unit car charger. This will let you keep everything fully charged at the same time, without killing your car’s battery as long as the alternator is in good working order! 

9. Fuel Canister

Having a fuel canister or Jerry can in your vehicle can save you a lot of hassle if you run out of fuel along your journey. It’s worth putting a little bit of fuel in it before hand, but even if it’s empty you’ll find it much better than the cheap ones on sale at the petrol station. This can be an absolute lifesaver in some situations and is well worth the extra weight and room it takes up.

10. A Camera

Sometimes camera phones just can’t capture the scene in front of them well enough to do it justice. To properly document your road trip you should have a decent SLR or similar quality camera and know how to use it – you never know, you could take a million pound photo which gives you the cash you need to road trip full time.


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