With EVs becoming a more affordable option for car buyers, the benefits of EV ownership is no longer an abstract ideal for the average consumer. People in the market for a new car often weigh the elevated initial cost with the ongoing benefits of electric cars. The demand for electric cars continues to rise as more and more buyers are opting for EVs. If you are considering a new car purchase, here are 11 reasons why you should get an EV.

1. Tax Incentives

While the tax incentives have been restructured, purchasers of EVs still receive a considerable tax break. Buyers of EVs can receive a £3,500 plug-in car grant.

2. Low Running Costs

The costs of charging an EV is much less than the fuel costs for either a petrol or diesel vehicle. The costs of running an EV is about one-third the fuel costs of a petrol or diesel car. These savings really add up over time.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Many of the parts of a diesel or petrol car that require costly repairs and maintenance are not on an EV. The exhaust system is one example of a common problem with diesel and petrol cars. You may have experience with having to pay money for replacement parts and repairs for exhaust systems. The owners of EVs never have to worry about those costs again.

4. Environmentally Friendly

An EV has zero emissions. When traditionally fueled cars are replaced by zero-emissions vehicles, the air quality improves. Over the course of the lifetime of the EV, the greenhouse gas produced is significantly lower than diesel or petrol cars even when considering the production of the electricity to charge the cars.

5. Quiet Comfort

Drivers of EVs enjoy a quiet journey without the noise of an engine.

6. Home Charging Means No Wasted Time at Petrol Stations

Owners of electric cars can charge their cars at home overnight. While the EV can be charged with a standard home plug, the recommended method is with a dedicated home charging unit. A government grant is available to help reduce the cost of installing a home charging unit. With home charging, the EV owner is able to jump in the car in the mornings, knowing that they don’t have to worry about finding the next petrol station.

7. Quick Acceleration

Due to the high levels of torque, drivers receive fast, effortless acceleration when pressing on the accelerator. The ease of operation makes driving a more pleasurable experience.

8. Added Space

Since EVs do not have an engine taking up space, the cars have larger passenger areas.

9. Stand Out from the Crowd

While EVs are gaining in popularity, they are still a symbol of appreciation for the environment and a dedicated consumer. Some EV owners enjoy knowing that they are not contributing to air pollution, and that their choice shows. EV owners may feel they are setting an example for others to follow.

10. Local Incentives

Some areas give free parking or prime parking spots to EVs as an incentive to encourage EV ownership. Some businesses offer free charging for EVs. Other perks may be available in your local area.

11. Perks for EVs as Business Vehicles

Businesses investing in new company cars may want to consider EVs. When a business has EVs as part of their company fleet, they enjoy certain incentives like low Employer National Insurance Contributions and 100% First Year Capital Allowance. The businesses also receive the same benefits as other users of EVs such as lower running and maintenance costs.


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