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4x4 Comparison: Mitsubishi vs. Subaru vs. Great Wall

4x4 Comparison

When it comes to buying a new 4x4 there are many options out there. Some of the best manufacturers of these ultimate workhorses are Mitsubishi, Subaru and Great Wall. Each of these manufactures makes a range of 4x4s that would be comfortable in almost any environment, but here we will be comparing their flagship vehicles.

Mitsubishi L200 

Mitsubishi has a wide range of hardworking 4x4s but it is the L200 that the company is well known for, and for good reason. The Mitsubishi L200 is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the UK, offering some of the best performance and a wide variety of models that offer several lengths of bed space and both double or single cab options.

Mitsibushi L200

The driving force behind this iconic workhorse is a 2.5 litre diesel engine, which is offered in either 134hp/314Nm or 175hp/400Nm. This is paired with Mitsubishi’s own five-speed manual or auto gearbox depending on the option you’ve selected – the automatic offers a smooth ride but slightly less torque than its manual counterpart.

Four Wheel Drive comes as standard, with three drive models: 2H (2WD high range) for motorway driving, 4H (4WD High Range) for driving at speed in snow, sand or dirt and 4L (4WD low range) for serious off-roading, crossing streams and climbing steep banks.

One thing that really sets the L200 apart from the competition is its styling, which gives it more of a domestic car feel than that of an industrial machine. This is great for if you need one vehicle to do the hard work as well as domestic duties. With an average MPG of around 37 the L200 is as fuel efficient as many mid-sized vehicles, making it an excellent all-rounder.

Great Wall Steed

This budget vehicle is much cheaper than its rivals, with even the highest end model being just £16,000. However, don’t let this low price fool you! The Chinese manufacturer has made a 4x4 that offers a comfortable ride with great performance both on and off the road. Great Wall vehicles are still relatively new to the UK but it looks likely that they will be as popular as Isuzu and Subaru in no time.Steed SE

The Steed is powered by a reliable 2.0 litre diesel engine that delivers 143PS and 305Nm of torque. The six-speed gearbox allows you to choose between two and four wheel drive, which can be selected while you drive. Running costs are relatively low for this type of vehicle, with combined fuel efficiency of 34mpg it is cost efficient even for long distances.

You may not get the refinement and styling that you may expect from its rivals like the L200. In fact, the Steed is very basic, no-nonsense workhorse that will deliver excellent performance at rock bottom prices. If you need a truck that can handle off road driving and provides an excellent cargo bed then the Great Wall Steed could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Subaru Forester

For years now, Subaru have been one of the best manufacturers at delivering powerful, performance driven 4x4s. The Forester is one of their ‘true’ 4x4s, designed exclusively for its off-road capabilities and dependability which is exactly why it achieved the title of 4x4 of the Year 2014.Subaru Forester

The best engine available is the 2.0D diesel engine with a manual gearbox, which is not only the most fuel efficient – offering a combined economy of 49.6mpg – but also offers plenty of torque. Subaru’s unique All Wheel Drive system provides unparalleled control both on and off the road, with the Boxer engine providing a low centre of gravity and reducing the amount of body roll.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the official MPG claims that you can expect to reap anything from 33mpg up to 57.6mpg which, with Subaru, tends to translate well to real world driving. It may not have the same load carrying capacity as the Mitsubishi or Great Wall 4x4s, but Subaru’s offering provides much better fuel efficiency and highly impressive off-road capabilities.

What’s Right for Me?

That depends largely on what it is you require, if you’re looking for a pickup truck then it’s a question of Mitsubishi vs. Great Wall. The main difference here is quality of the interior and drive, if you have a bigger budget and need a vehicle to do it all then the L200 is what you’re looking for. If you need a dedicated workhorse that’s cheap to buy and run then you won’t go far wrong with the Steed.

Need a 4x4 designed to take on all the challenges that off-road driving may throw at you?

The Great Wall is capable of off-road driving, although it doesn’t offer the smoothest or quietest ride due to the basic level of the vehicle. For pure off-roading the Forester is exactly what you need, the AWD system provides excellent traction on all terrains across a range of conditions. If you need to carry a load off-road then the L200 will be the truck for you, thanks to the 4WD system and large cargo bed this is a workhorse that handles rough ground brilliantly.

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