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5 Fast Ways to Cut Fuel Costs

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The price of petrol has hit its lowest figure since 2009, which is great news for the majority of motorists but it still pays off to make sure you’re driving as efficiently as possible. These lower fuel prices may seem like great savings now, but in a month or two it’ll be considered normal so make sure you’re doing these five things.

#1 Using fuel efficient tyres

It may be a case of spending money to save money, but fuel efficient tyres can pay for themselves in just 5,000 miles. This means that the savings will literally be rolling in every mile after that! It’s estimated that using eco-friendly tyres can work to make your car around 6-8% more fuel efficient than using standard tyres. If you do a lot of driving then it can be extremely beneficial to spend a little bit more money on your tyres in order to reap the rewards in the long run.

#2 Maintaining your car

Cars that haven’t been maintained won’t work quite as smoothly and seamlessly as those that have. Having thick, old or dirty oil in the engine will mean that your engine has to work much harder to create and distribute power, whereas a well-oiled machine will work like, well, just that! You will also need to check tyre pressures and listen out for any unusual noises coming from either the engine or the car itself.

#3 Driving sensibly

If you’re not getting a good return on your fuel, the biggest problem could well be you. Make sure that when you’re driving you aren’t too heavy on the accelerator, hard acceleration and braking can massively drive down your fuel efficiency. Try to maintain a consistent speed, gently accelerate or decelerate, drive in the right gear and plan what you need to do ahead of time. Planning your route ahead of time to avoid stop start driving and sitting in traffic can also help to cut down on your fuel costs.

#4 Reduce the speed

Whilst lowering your speed may take you longer to get places, it can drastically cut down your fuel costs especially if you’re a regular driver. According to the Department of Transport you can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 9% by reducing your motorway speed from 70mph to 60mph. You can increase these savings even more by dropping down to 50mph, as this uses nearly 15% less fuel than travelling at 70mph.

How much fuel is wasted when travelling at 80mph? The Department of Transport claim that driving at 80mph can harm your fuel efficiency by up to 25% more than when you’re driving at 70mph.

#5 Buy a New Car

How old is your current car? Modern vehicles have far more efficient engines than cars that were built 10 years ago. If you were thinking about upgrading your vehicle or if you’re still driving around in a banger then it may be beneficial to simply trade it in in favour of something newer. You could save yourself hundreds, maybe even thousands a year!

Taking your average annual mileage at 12,000 miles and estimating that your old car does around 25mpg we can calculate that you spend around £2,335 every year at the current petrol price of £1.07. If you were to trade this in for a modern small diesel vehicle with an average mpg of 65, then you could be spending as little as £920 a year using the same calculations. That’s a saving of £1,400 every year, which means that your car could pay for itself in just a few short years!

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