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6 Strange Questions About Cars with Surprising Answers

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We’ve all had one of those ‘don’t be silly’ questions, where you think something and immediately dismiss it. Well what if you really wanted to know the answer to that question and you never actually asked?

Luckily for you, we’re a curious bunch so we’ve thrown together a bunch of crazy questions and gone out of our way to find the answers!

Q. Why can’t cars just run on water?

A. They can! A Japanese company called Genepax announced that they created an engine that splits water down to hydrogen to create power – not only have they made an engine, they’ve put together a whole car! This was back in 2008 and since then another company – Nanoflowcell AG – has launched a vehicle that runs entirely on saltwater and has plans on putting this into mass production. 


If this wasn’t enough, Toyota brought out a hydrogen powered model, Mirai, in 2015 which uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate power. One of the biggest benefits to this vehicle – the only OUTPUT is water. That’s right, air goes in and water comes out!

Q. Can cars get struck by lightning?

A. Of course they can! After all, a car is just a big chunk of metal that’s driving around on relatively open roads and rubber tyres. The lightning actually goes around the outside of your car, with the majority of the current flowing straight through the car’s metal cage. If you’re in the car and aren’t touching anything metal (or anything that would transfer the current) then you should be just dandy if you are struck by lightning.


Q. Do cars really explode like they do in the movies?

A. No. First of all, petrol isn’t an explosive chemical and it actually takes a LOT of work for it to act the way it does in the movies. If a car petrol tank does catch fire then typically the worst that happens is that there is a bigger fire or a ‘woosh’ from the fire eating up any air in the tank – this really wouldn’t cause a reaction anywhere near strong enough to create an explosion. So no, car’s don’t just explode.


Q. Will cars of the future drive themselves?

A. Yes – the technology is already out there and these vehicles are among us! Whether or not this is the future of the automotive industry is yet to be determined. Self-driving cars do carry many benefits, however you do lose a large chunk of human interaction which works to make natural, responsive decisions. Unmanned vehicles definitely have a place in the future, but to what extent is yet to be discovered.

Q. Why do children’s car seats expire?

A. Every car seat comes with an expiration date, how long this is will depend on the individual seat. These seats will expire after a certain amount of use, if they have been involved in an accident or if new safety standards are brought in. Always check to see if there is an expiration date on your car seat and replace it if there are signs of damage or heavy wear.


Q. What happens if I don’t wax my car?

A. Depending on how old your car is and the type of paint job it came with, not waxing can age your vehicle very quickly. Wax helps to keep your car shiny, it also helps to protect against scratches and fading paint. Old cars didn’t have any primer on them, so wax would be the only thing between the paint and the rest of the world – newer cars have more layers, meaning that regular waxing isn’t a complete necessity. That said, if you want to keep your car looking fresh and new then waxing is a great idea.

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