Every driver is familiar with the dreaded car insurance costs. Car insurance premiums are determined by the driver risk and the safety, performance, and repair costs for the car model being insured. Though some factors impacting insurance costs cannot be changed, frugal drivers can use these 7 ways to reduce car insurance costs to get the best insurance deal possible.

1.  Increase the Voluntary Excess

Drivers can choose a policy that requires paying a higher percentage of the repair costs in the event of a claim. There are advantages and disadvantages for a higher voluntary excess. Someone without savings may find themselves in a very difficult situation in the case of an accident that leads to a large auto repair bill. However, the drivers may be able to recover some of the costs if the accident was not their fault. many drivers can save a significant amount on their insurance rates if they drive safely and can avoid filing any claims.

2. Drive Safely

Safe driving has numerous benefits including lower insurance costs. Insurance companies give the best rates to drivers who have a history of safe driving. The driver’s habit of careful driving is rewarded with a no-claims bonus (NCB). Having a clean driving record for 5 years can lead to remarkable savings. Some insurance providers reduce the premiums by half to drivers who haven’t filed any claims in 5 years.

3. Shop Around

When you are ready for a new insurance policy, check with several insurance companies to find the best rates. Don’t be surprised if an insurance company that claims to have the lowest rates actually charges much more than its competitors. Drivers must do the research and get quotes from several providers to find the best deal.

4. Choose the Cheapest Payments

Drivers often can take options that would reduce the total insurance costs. Paying for the entire year of coverage rather than installments can reduce the cost of the policy. Added extras may not be necessary. Skipping these extras like roadside assistance can be a good way to reduce costs.

5. Consider Insurance Premiums When Car Shopping

The car model is an important factor affecting insurance costs. When shopping for a new car or used car, drivers may want to consider checking with their insurance provider for their advice on the best models for low insurance rates. Avoid cars known as insurance traps which typically come with high insurance premiums.

6. Security Matters

Insurance companies may give discounts for security features like car alarms and immobilisers. Policy holders need to check with the insurance company for details about available discounts.

7. Black Box Insurance Policy

Some insurance companies offer a telematic data program in which a black box is installed in the car to record the driver’s driving habits. Speeding, braking, and the number of miles are recorded and used to calculate the driver’s insurance costs. Safe drivers could save money with a black box policy. However, drivers with reckless driving habits like speeding could regret getting a black box when their rates increase.  


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