We understand your car is a prized possession and you will go to great lengths to secure car insurance. To ensure that there are no accidental oversights, here are eight important scenarios to take into account when obtaining insurance to make certain that you are fully covered.

Lack of auto insurance can be painful. The minimum penalty will set you back of £300 and cost you six penalty points.

1. Insurance for test driving a car

Buying a new car is always an exciting time so don’t let a mishap sour your experience. Although most dealerships have special insurance in place for test drivers, it’s a different story for privately-owned vehicles.

If you’re a buyer make sure your policy includes a Driving Other Cars (DOC) clause or get other temporary insurance options to ensure comprehensive coverage. If you’re a seller extend your policy to temporarily cover any driver.

2. When someone else uses your car for a business trip

A keen question most insurance providers ask is if you wish to cover a vehicle for business or personal use. If you’ve gone with personal use make sure that your car is not borrowed by another for business use such as driving to work or for a meeting. Under such circumstances your insurance will not cover accidents that may occur during business use.

To be completely risk averse get temporary car insurance that covers the time period the vehicle will be used for business reasons such as driving to meetings, making runs for office supplies or driving to an event, training or conference.

3. Loading up your car to move houses

Moving houses can be stressful and in the process lead to common but costly oversight.

When loading up the car to make your back and forth trips make sure to distribute the weight evenly. Place heavier items in the centre of the car and lighter items at the back as overloading could invalidate the insurance, temporary or otherwise.

4. Children moving to another state with your car

If your child is borrowing your car to move to another city or state contact your insurance provider and update your policy. They may allow the current policy to stay or may insist you purchase a new one to ensure that you are fully covered for the trip. Neglecting to do so could end up hurting you financially and legally.

5. Sharing the driving during a road trip

A long road trip requires you to take regular breaks but if you plan on driving with a companion and sharing the driving at some point during the journey, get insurance in place for it.

It can be easy to overlook the issue of insurance by assuming that your co-driver is covered so make sure to get the facts right from the get-go.

6. You’re between annual car insurance policies


Shopping around for a new car insurance deal that offers better service or is cheaper can be time consuming. When moving from one provider to another, you can potentially lose track of time and find yourself between policies and uninsured. 

Since driving on the road without insurance is illegal, make sure to get temporary policy to bridge the gap.  

7. Insurance for driving a new car home

Purchasing a new car is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey. To embark on it, you must get insurance. This involves getting coverage for the vehicle to drive it home.

Even if it is third party insurance make sure to secure it for the law is unforgiving in this matter.

8. Insurance for driving an old car to be sold or scrapped

When driving your car one last time to sell privately or to scrap, don’t discard the importance of insurance because the law will not share your same lack of interest. Get temporary insurance for the vehicle to make sure it’s a happy farewell and not a teary trip to pay the fine.