Having valid car insurance is a legal necessity and it’s there for a reason – to ensure your safety and security. Therefore, it is vitally important to make sure you aren’t accidentally driving without it. There are a number of ways through which you can invalidate your car insurance without realising, which leaves you without cover. Here is a list of eight of the most common ways in which people may do this:


  1. Changing your job – if you change employment, even if it’s just a new position in the same company, you need to make sure you inform your insurer! Your occupation type and title are factors they consider when setting your premium, so failing to inform them of the change can leave you uninsured.
  2. Moving house – insurers also take your postcode into account when they are setting your insurance premium. If you move and you fail to inform them, this could invalidate your insurance.
  3. Parking on the street – if you have stated on your insurance that you leave your car in a garage, driveway, or private car park, and then you leave it on the road overnight, this could invalidate your policy. Where you park your car can have an impact on your premium, so make sure to always be truthful, and let them know if you change where you keep your car.
  4. Fronting – this is when a parent names themselves as the main driver on the insurance for their child’s car. It’s a method some people use to get cheaper insurance, but it is fraud, and could leave you not only without valid insurance, but also with a criminal conviction! Check our article for more information on car insurance and the common myths surrounding it.
  5. Driving as a taxi – it can be tempting to start using your car as a taxi service on the side, and charging people for rides to make a bit of extra money. But to legally drive as a taxi you need more than just standard cover, so this can not only leave you with invalid insurance, it can also lead to fines and having your vehicle seized!
  6. Modifying your car – we’ve all seen Pimp My Ride, but if you decide to add extras to your car, make sure to tell your insurer. Modifications that change the look and performance of the car can increase the cost, and so not informing them can invalidate your insurance.
  7. Obstructing your windscreen – if you are involved in an accident, even if it isn’t your fault, and your windscreen is obstructed (by frost, or dirt, or even decorations!) this can mean your car is considered to be in “dangerous condition”. This can mean your policy is invalid, and even lead to a fine! So make sure your windscreen is always clear.
  8. Valet parking – quite a few policies won’t cover any damage that happens whilst your car is in the care of a valet. So whilst it may be tempting to have someone else park for you, be sure to check your policy first, or avoid the valet and park yourself, just in case!


Hopefully, this has helped clear up some of the main ways that you can accidentally invalidate your insurance. Remember, if you are ever unsure about something, don’t risk it – it’s always best to call your insurer and check with them directly!