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Have Your Next Car And A Holiday For The Price One!

Car And Holiday

Wish you were on holiday in a warmer country right now but have to choose between that and getting a much needed new car?

Well you can have both at Nathaniel Cars this January! When you buy any used car you will get up to £1000 in holiday vouchers too!

Yes, you read this correctly! Up to £1000 in holiday vouchers when you buy any used car from Nathaniels.

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UK Pothole Crisis

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Potholes on UK roads has become a costly epidemic. Millions of pounds have been spent to repair damages from potholes. The costs of auto repairs and road maintenance continue to climb.

Potholes can damage several parts of a vehicle. Striking a pothole can cause wheel rim damage, tire punctures, steering system misalignment, engine damage, broken suspension components, premature wear on shocks and struts, and damage to the exhaust system.

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How to Demist Your Car Windows Fast

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A common winter driving problem is the fogging up of the windscreen. Nothing is more frustrating than when you are ready to drive to work or run errands and the windscreen is fogged up and won’t clear. Windscreen misting is an annoying problem, but not to worry. There are ways to alleviate this problem fast. Follow these tips on how to demist your car windows quickly.

Windows fog up due to condensation. This condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with cool, dry air. Even the driver’s breath can add to the moisture and heat of air inside the vehicle. The body heat from drivers and passengers adds to the condensation problem by raising the air temperature in the car which increases the amount of moisture the air holds. Removing the moisture from the air eliminates the condensation problem.  

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