With summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to buy a roof rack, but which style suits your lifestyle best? Here you can learn how to choose the best roof rack for you and your vehicle so that you can take your bikes, canoes and camping equipment away with you on a summer trip!

The Benefits of Buying a Roof Rack

The beauty of a roof rack is that you can carry things that are unable to fit in your car. Whether you’re going away and need extra storage for luggage or heading out on a bike ride, a roof rack will expertly carry whatever you need to bring along.

Long gone are the days of disassembling your bike in order to take it with you on a road trip - roof racks enable you to easily fix your bike to a vehicle and take it wherever you want to go. What does this mean? Travelling with large items couldn’t be any simpler; sports enthusiasts, you’re in your element!

A roof rack offers extra space as well as ease of travel. So, which style should you opt for?

Bare Roof Rack System

Most vehicles have a bare roof, so if yours doesn’t have a pre-installed rack then the bare roof car rack system is for you. These particular roof racks have vehicle specific shaped rubber bases and coated metal brackets that can be fitted easily, plus they’re completely removable.

Raised Rail Roof Rack

A raised rail roof is popular on SUVS, wagons and minivans so be sure to purchase a raised rail roof rack if you own one of these vehicles. This style doesn’t require a specific fitting kit, only load bars and foot backs, therefore it’s super easy to install. And with the ability to place the bars where needed along the raised section, you can effortlessly accommodate various loads.

Flush Rail Roof Rack

This attractive design was initially introduced to European vehicles. The best thing about this particular roof rail is that it’s not only functional, it looks great too. Let’s face it, if you’re going to stick a rail on the roof of your car for good, you don’t want it to be ugly, do you? The flush rail, as you can guess, sits flush with the roof, offering a more preferable look.


These are similar to flush rail roof racks and run from front to back on the outer edges of the roof. However, the parallel tracks enable the crossbar system to be positioned where the bars are most needed along the length of the tracks so you can transport your gear easily and safely.

So, now you know of the different roof racks available, choosing one should be a lot easier. We can help you install roof racks in our workshop. Call 01656 662255 to book an appointment or get a quote.

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