Lots of people have the impression that pickup trucks are very expensive vehicles to own. They perceive them to be the reserves of footballers or farmers who need these workhorses for practical reasons.

However, this is not true.

Pickup trucks are far more affordable than you might have been led to believe. Need some convincing? Then check this out.


If you’re buying a truck for work purposes then you won’t have to pay any VAT. In the UK this makes trucks 20% cheaper straight away, saving you quite a bit of money compared to other off-road vehicles. Granted, if it was a toss-up between a van and a pickup then these savings won’t really add anything to your decision.


Anybody who has ever owned a van will know that you can’t exactly use them for day to day purposes. They’re not particularly child friendly and if there are more than three of you, you can forget everyone fitting in. Similarly, nobody wants to go and pick up their date in a transit van – it just doesn’t look right.

Pickup trucks on the other hand are far friendlier for domestic use.

Buying a model with a double cab gives you a larger, more family-friendly cockpit that’s great for everyday use. You don’t lose anything on a van either, as the loading bed allows you to haul around whatever you need to.

This means that you will only need the one vehicle for everything – effectively halving your costs eliminating your need for a van and a runabout.


While it is hard to generalise with this fact, as insurance largely comes down to the individual rather than the vehicle, you may be surprised by just how little you can insure your pickup truck for. Even with their large engines and big chassis it isn’t uncommon to find insurance prices that are similar to that of vans or people carriers.


Planning on buying a new vehicle? Pickup trucks are brilliant as they come in a huge range of options from the very basic (and cheapest model) to the absolute luxury model.

This is great as it allows you to build up the truck to your exact specifications, adding in options that make it a work truck, a domestic vehicle or a combination of the two.

Picking options allows you to work to your budget, only selecting what you want and need rather than paying more for things you’ll never use.


Typically, pickup trucks are classified as light goods vehicles (LGV) which means that you will have to pay £225 a year in vehicle excise duty. While this may sound expensive, putting it in context of being around the same price as a 2litre hatchback or estate car makes it look a lot more reasonable. In addition to this, you may be surprised to find that some modern pickup trucks – like the L200 – are capable of achieving up to 40mpg on the motorway.

Based on what we’ve covered here you can see that pickup trucks are relatively similar in costs to large engine hatchback, estates and vans. In fact, it is extremely likely that the cost of running a pickup truck is less than a large van or running two vehicles.

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