When it comes to driving your 4x4 off-road there are many places you can go. The thrill of driving through rivers, over rocks and clambering over boulders in your used 4x4 is second to none. However, not every 4x4 track is the same – some are extremely hardcore, while others are more like driving in circles around a muddy field.

So that you don’t waste your time and money venturing to a boring off-road track, here are the best places to get your wheels dirty in the UK:

True Grip

Based in Kent, True Grip specialise in providing 4x4 adventures guided by professional instructors. Their track has a great range of obstacles and can be tailored to suit your driving abilities and your vehicle’s capabilities. The course itself has been designed to offer all the challenges that off-road enthusiasts love, from river crossings to muddy climbs – it’s all there in heaps!

White Cliff 4x4 

This quarry based off-road site can be found near the Forest of Dean and delivers a safe but challenging course where you can really test your off road skills. Unlike many of the other courses in the UK, White Cliff has a great range of terrain to test even the best 4x4 drivers including cross-axle situations, mud, water and steep inclines and declines.

Perthshire Off-Road 

Whether you love mud, deep water or hills you’ll find every type of off-road delight in Perthshire. You can either bring your own vehicle, or hire some of the best used 4x4s and quad bikes on site and save you having to go through the cleaning process! There are a range of packages tailored to your abilities, from introduction to off-roading all the way to taking it on by yourself.

Wild Tracks 

One of the most popular 4x4 tracks in the UK is Suffolk based Wild Tracks, with their complete off road circuit. This loop involves everything you can dream of, including: a waterhole, steep inclines and declines, deep mud and sandy soil. With a daily cost of just £30, including a free first tow, this is a popular destination for many 4x4 fanatics.


Despite being renowned for their F1 circuit, Silverstone have a fantastic 4x4 experience track. Their purpose built off-road course is gruellingly tough, with steep gradients, big drops, and large bodies of water and sections that require absolute precision handling. If you like to challenge your 4x4 and really test its limits, then Silverstone’s off-road track is bound to do just that.

Ultra Adventure Driving 

With off-road sides based in England and Wales, Ultra Adventure Driving is one of the leading companies in providing 4x4 experiences. With more mud than you can shake a stick at, waterways, climbs and harsh rocky paths you’re guaranteed a day to remember. They cater for a wide range of vehicles and driver’s abilities, tailoring every experience for your needs.

If you’re thinking about going on a 4x4 adventure then make sure you have the best 4x4 to deal with all the situations you’ll be faced with. Check out our range of 4x4s to find your perfect venture vehicle.