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Christmas Could be the Perfect Time for a New Car


Christmas is a prime time for buying, with companies slashing prices, providing offers and sticking on winter sales. However, what you may not realise is that it isn’t just high street stores that provide these offers!

Oh no, Christmas can be the perfect time to buy that new car you’ve been after all year as well! In fact, buying a car in December rather than January could save you £500 or more!

Why Buy a New Car in December?

December really is a buyer’s market and with this in mind, you have much better power of negotiation when it comes to buying a new car. This time of year sales are relatively slow, which means that salespeople will have a few more tricks they can pull out of the bag to ensure you get the price you want to buy. What’s more, you’ll get even more benefit if you buy a traditionally summer car – like a convertible – during this time of year.


You may also find that certain dealerships will put on ‘Black Friday’ deals or Car for Christmas sales, offering discounted rates on certain models or providing deals on their financing. Keeping an eye out for these deals can potentially save you hundreds on that model, although these are not always guaranteed so it is a little bit of a gamble.

That said, the large majority of dealerships will put sales on in order to shift old stock and make way for the new models that come in during January. This means that if you time it just right you could find yourself with a heavily discounted new car.

Great for Used Cars Too

Actually, Christmas may be an even better time for a used car than a new car. Again, this is due to the seasonality of vehicle purchases as people are looking to sell their car in time to buy a new one in January. Going against this trend can give you huge discounts as there are far fewer buyers at this time of year.

Depending on the vehicle in question, you could save hundreds of pounds by buying at this time of year. While this may not be huge amounts in terms of the cost of the vehicle, savvy buyers will appreciate that every saving is worthwhile.  

December Deals at Nathaniel Cars

At Nathaniel Cars we always try to give our customers the best deals possible, that’s why we have a very special deal on our brand new MG3. Visit our website to find out more about the time limited offer we have available on this vehicle.

In addition to this, you’ll also find great prices across our range of used vehicles and plenty of great deals on our new models. Visit our showroom today or give us a call to find out how affordable your new car can be! 

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