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Complex Car Computers Causes Increased Culpabilities

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Over the years we’ve seen more and more on-board technology being introduced to vehicles by every manufacturer. Some of these are the simple addition of electric windows or power steering, while others push the boat out a little more with in-built SatNavs and video technology. While many of these advancements have made driving safer and more enjoyable, these complex computer systems have caused an increase in the number of faults modern cars experience.

Drastic Rise in Electrical Faults

Warranty Direct have recently released figures showing that over the last five years there has been an increase in electrical faults in cars. This isn’t a slight increase either, it’s roughly risen by two-thirds with the problems being most prevalent in luxury and premium cars.

These electrical faults have directly impacted the reliability index, which looks at how cars perform over a three year period. During this period it found that electrical problems were the most common defect in every single car on the database, which covers over 50,000 policies. Out of these policies around 23% needed some form of electrical repair every year.

Cost of Repairs Increasing

Just because electrical faults are more common, it doesn’t mean that they are quick and easy to fix. The average cost of electrical faults is around £300, rising nearly 32% compared to five years ago. Some of these issues cost much more than this, with some repair costs knocking around the £3,000 mark.

Despite the huge advance in technology many manufacturers haven’t focused enough on the reliability of their electrical components. This often means that repair bills can easily cost you hundreds during ownership because workshops need more advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to solve the issue.

Most and Least Reliable Makes

As you can expect, certain car makes are ahead of the curve when it comes to installing new technology in their vehicles while others are sadly lagging behind. Warranty Direct have listed their least reliable manufacturers as:
•    Renault
•    Bentley
•    Porsche
•    Mercedes-Benz

The most reliable cars include:
•    Mitsubishi
•    Subaru
•    Toyota
•    Nissan

If you’re after reliability then buying Japanese is the way forward, not only do they have the least number of faults but the average cost is around £244 – one of the lowest around. Certain models from these manufacturers will be more reliable than others, so it pays to do your research beforehand.

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