For some people, taking their car for an MOT test is a scary time. But not for you!

Oh no, you took initiative and decided to search the web for ways to make sure your car passes its MOT. That, in turn, led you here. Well done, you’re one step closer to having a perfect MOT pass record.

Here are eight things to check before taking your car for an MOT:


One of the most common causes for failing MOTs is that external lights aren’t working. Taking five minutes to check that all lights are in working order could be all it takes to sail the test and avoid having to put your hand in your pocket for a retest. If you find that any headlights, indicator bulbs or number plate lights are broken then this is a cheap and easy fix that won’t take you longer than 20 minutes – check your car’s manual for full instructions.


Similarly to the above, your car can be red carded if your tyre pressures are too low. It may sound ridiculous, but unfortunately those are the rules so you need to make sure your car is ready for testing. Check the pressure on each tyre and then make sure that you have at least 1.6mm of tread across the whole tyre – if you don’t then make sure you replace the tyre before taking it for an MOT.


Wiper blades in particular have a tendency to rip, tear and wear. While this can be a bit annoying when you’re driving, it is enough to fail your MOT. Check to see what the condition of your wiper blades are and if you’re in any doubt then replace them. Similarly, make sure that all your car’s mirrors are in good working order and remove anything you have dangling from the rear-view mirror – you don’t want an air freshener to fail your car!


Did you know that you can fail your MOT if you don’t have enough washer fluid? Pop the bonnet and check the levels of everything – check the dipstick for engine oil, check washer fluid and brake fluid level. While checking, make sure your brake doesn’t feel spongey as this could indicate air in the system, which will need to be removed through bleeding.


 Beep! Beep! Does it work? Yes, great. No, get it fixed before the MOT otherwise it’ll fail.


If your windshield looks battle-scarred then it needs to be fixed as a matter of priority. Cracks will fail you straight away, while chips anywhere near the driver’s side will do the same. If you have full comprehensive insurance then this damage is typically free to fix, but even paying for it to be done is less hassle than failing your MOT.


Do the seatbelts click into place and lock? Yes, great, that’s exactly what they should do. No, that needs to be fixed ASAP. Do all the doors open easily and the locking mechanism functions properly? Yes, perfect don’t worry. No, again this needs to be addressed.


Some MOT centres will refuse to test a car if it’s too dirty, as dirty can cover up all manner of sins. Give your car a clean inside and out and you’re set to go!

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