It has been announced that MG’s first all-electric car, the MG ZS EV, will be introduced in the UK this coming September. The SUV was first revealed at the 2018 Guangzhou Motor Show, and whilst it was initially sold in China, increasing demand for electric cars in Europe has brought it over here.

The specifications for the UK are yet to be confirmed, but what we know right now is it will have an approximate 200-mile range, and the same 7-year warranty as the petrol versions. It will also be one of the cheaper electric cars on sale – we don’t have confirmation on the price yet, but as value is one of the major selling points of MG’s current range it’s likely to be reasonable.

The SUV will have fast-charging as standard, with MG reporting that it can recharge to 80% in just half an hour. With one 148bhp electric motor powering both front wheels, the ZS EV can go from 0-62mph in around 8 seconds.


The exterior looks very much like the petrol version, but there does seem to be a slight upgrade to the interior. A new screen shows the remaining battery capacity and range, and it also comes with Apple CarPlay, DAB radio, a reversing camera, and cruise control. It seems that a panoramic sunroof is likely to be available at extra cost.

Daniel Gregorious, the head of sales and marketing at MG, said that they are “delighted to be entering the electric-car market at such an exciting time.” Declaring that the ZS “means electric without compromise”, it seems that it will prove competitive on the UK market. We certainly are excited to see it on UK roads.

Whilst the launch will be 1st September 2019, you can register your interest or even reserve your MG ZS EV here.