Here at Nathanial Cars you can find out the answers to some of the FAQs about Mitsubishi cars. Learn about Mitsubishi roadside assistance and more.

Do I Need Extended Warranty for my Car?

Mitsubishi cars provide a five year, 62,500 miles warranty in the UK, which includes commercial vehicles as well as domestic. This long warranty comes at no extra cost and applies to new Mitsubishi cars purchased after the 1st January 2015. Any vehicles purchased before this will still benefit from a warranty, but a three year one rather than a five year.

The items that are covered by the Mitsubishi warranty include the engine, transmission, electrics and practically everything else apart from:

  • Air conditional refrigerant
  • Battery
  • Electrics
  • Expendable items
  • Fluids and lubricants
  • Light bulbs
  • Non-factory fitted in-car entertainment systems
  • Tyres

How Do I Get Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance?

Every new owner of a Mitsubishi car is provided with a three year Pan-European roadside assistance package. This package, called the MAP (Mitsubishi Assistance Package) enables you to drive all over Europe without having to worry about vehicle downtime.

Mitsubishi roadside assistance number: UK: 0800 587 9833  if from Abroad: +44 208 603 9933

The MAP is similar to what’s offered by third party breakdown companies and ensures that roadside assistance will come to the rescue should your vehicle have any issues. If, for whatever reason, the mechanic is unable to fix your vehicle on the side of the road then you will be provided with a hire car, offered vehicle recovery and also, redelivery of your car.

How Often Should I service My Car?

Regular servicing is important for all vehicles, not just Mitsubishi cars. If you take care of your car and service it regularly, nothing but good will come out of it. You’ll gain from increased fuel-efficiency, improved handling, better braking and a smoother running engine.  

Mitsubishi offers Value Servicing, an affordable way to maintain your car outside of the warranty period. There are two types available: Value Service and Value Service+. Both servicing options effectively care for your car, but the plus package offers scheduled servicing, so you’ll never forget to take your car in for a service.

Value Servicing enables your vehicle to be taken care of by the professionals at great value. Whilst there are many garages that offer services, only manufacturer approved garages are able to provide manufacturer services.

So, now you know the answers to some of the most FAQs about Mitsubishi cars. If you’d like to book your car in for a service, give us a call on 01656 662255 today.