A government campaign to encourage the use of greener technology and raise awareness for the increasing number of zero tailpipe emission vehicles in the UK will see green number plates introduced for these vehicles. This could help drivers benefit from incentives such as free or cheaper parking, and the use of bus lanes.

The introduction of the green number plates would create a visual identifier for local authorities, allowing them to quickly verify whether a vehicle was zero tailpipe emissions. This would mean the introduction of schemes to encourage the use of environmentally friendly technology would be easier to implement.

Similar schemes in other countries, such as across Scandinavia and in Canada, have reported some successes. However, whether local authorities will choose to implement such incentives remain to be seen, and there are questions as to whether this would actually work to encourage anyone to switch from petrol/diesel to electric.

Whatever happens, it seems that green technology is on the rise, and the environmental impact of such vehicles may well be rewarded. If you are interested in owning an electric car, get in touch, and we can book you a test drive of MG’s first fully-electric car!