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How Black Equals Green: Eco-friendly Tyres

Eco Friendly Tyres

Often when it comes to changing tyres, the biggest concern for most people is the price. We all know that budget tyres are just that, they do the job but they won’t win any awards for good, efficient design and low road noise. Then you have the top of the range expensive tyres, which seem like an awful lot of money to spend on a wearable component, or is it?

The True Costs of Tyres

While the initial price is often very leading in the decision for what you’ll put on your car, it can really pay off to think about long term cost. Tyres aren’t just about giving you a firm, steadfast grip on the road (although that is key) but they can also be the most influential part of eco-friendly driving.

While you may be spending more initially on fuel efficient tread pattern tyres, it will help put money back in your pocket as you will get much better fuel economy from your vehicle. Typically, premium tyres tend to be made from more durable rubber compounds meaning that they will last for longer on the road, minimising replacement costs.

On the other side of this, budget tyres may be cheaper but they also tend to wear much faster and be less fuel efficient. This means that they need to be replaced more frequently and will add to your running costs.

Mid-range tyres, as you might expect, sit in the middle of premium and budget tyres offering greater performance than budget with a lower price tag than premium. If you don’t cover big distances annually then this could give you the best bang for your buck.

Not Just About the Tyre

Even if you haven’t got the cash to spend on fuel efficient tyres, there are several things that you can do to make sure that you’re tyres aren’t hindering your car’s performance. Some checks you should carry out include:

•    Checking the pressure – your car’s manufacturer will provide you with suggested tyre pressures for your vehicle (found in the owner’s manual). Find out what the suggested pressures are and make sure that all your tyres are inflated to this pressure – too little and you’ll create drag, too much and you’re increasingly prone to punctures.
•    Check the tread – if your tyres are balding then not only are they dangerous, but they can seriously affect your vehicle’s performance. Make sure that your tyre’s have a good tread depth across at least ¾ of the tyre width.
•    Check for deformities – any bumps, deformities or foreign objects sticking in your vehicle can spell trouble. If you notice any of these issues then it is important that you replace the problem tyre as quickly as possible.

Eco-Friendly Driving

You can be as careful as you want to be on the accelerator, but if you haven’t got fuel efficient tyres then your vehicle’s performance will be dragged down. We touched briefly before on how tyres can be the most influential factor in your vehicle’s fuel economy.

In a test carried out by Which, it was found that eco-friendly tyres can work to save you 6% or more on your fuel. That means that if you’re car typically averages 40mpg then you would receive an extra 2.4mpg simply by fitting eco-friendly tyres. This equates to a saving of around £80 a year if you drive around 12,000 miles every year.

While £80 may not seem like much, it should cover the price of one tyre and over its lifetime will more than earn its value back. Combining this with other fuel efficient driving techniques can help to maximise these savings by ensuring your car gives you the best return possible.

Where to Buy Eco-Tyres?

At Nathaniel Cars we have a wide selection of tyres available in stock at competitive prices. So whether you’re looking for top of the range, fuel efficient tyres or simply budget tyres to give you better traction on the road, talk to Nathaniel Cars today on 01656 662255.

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