Go back 30, 40 or 50 years and you’ll notice that there were nowhere near as many cars on the road as there are today. In the past, automobiles were seen as a luxury, rather than a commodity, but this no longer stands in modern society. Nowadays the majority of cars are affordable, with some brand new cars costing less than £10,000 straight off-the-production-line.

So, how is it that cars have become so affordable? Let’s explore


It wasn’t all that long ago that cars were being laboriously put together by people. That meant that everything from bolts and screws to doors and bumpers were put on by hand. Understandably, this took quite a lot of time – even in a production line – and wasn’t the cheapest process.  

This is no longer the case, as the majority of work is now done by robots. Needless to say this invention has drastically sped up the process of making cars, and helped to cut down on the cost of human labour. An additional benefit from this is that cars are manufactured in much larger quantities than ever before, allowing them to be made at much cheaper costs.


As technology has advanced, cars have become increasingly common trying to keep up with demand that seems to be absolutely insatiable. But if cars were still made to the same standards as they were 50 plus years ago, including technology relative to the era, then to modern standards they would be luxury vehicles with a rather hefty price tag.

The majority of modern cars, especially affordable ones, are not built to the same standards as luxury cars. Instead they are mass produced machines, specifically designed to be cheap, cheerful and functional in order to cater to a large audience. In doing this many manufacturers will cut the cost of production by bringing out basic models and providing upgrades to the buyer, at cost, in the post-production stage.


In the days of old, cars would be built from high-grade steel with lots of other expensive materials also being used to create cars. Aside from this material being expensive, it was also incredibly inefficient and heavy to work with, making manufacturing a difficult process. Most modern cars are made from cheaper and lighter alloy materials, helping to lower the overall cost of the car.


Modern cars aren’t just made from less expensive materials, they are also significantly smaller than their predecessors. Similarly to the above point, as there are fewer materials being needed to build the car it helps to bring down the cost of production, making the manufacturing process much cheaper.


Cars do not retain their value, which means that the minute they are driven off the forecourt they start to depreciate. This is one of the biggest reasons for the lower cost of cars in the 21st century, saving you thousands off the price of the new vehicle. Even luxury vehicles are cheaper to buy second hand, making them affordable to a much wider range of potential customers.

Over the last decade, the used car market has absolutely boomed. This has helped to contribute to the 35 million vehicles that are licenced across Great Britain – a figure that’s up 1.5% against 2012. People can now purchase road-worthy vehicles for cheaper than ever before thanks to all the reasons listed above. Check out our range of used cars online today to see what bargain you can pick up for yourself!