The thing with pickup trucks is that you can simply throw things in the back and take off. While this is incredibly handy, it can also be your Achilles heel. Loose objects in the truck-bed can move around and cause damage to your vehicle and each other. By taking a little bit of time to load things correctly it can completely change the way you use your L200, here’s how:


Open top pick-up trucks are prone to having things fall out of the bed, especially at high speeds or when going across rough terrain. Often you are able to spot this immediately, but sometimes things simply disappear along the journey. By taking the time to load up the truck bed properly, you can strap things down and secure them so that they no longer go missing during transit.


By throwing things in the back you may feel as though you can get lots in, but in reality you could be squandering 40% or more of the available space! The best way to fully utilize the space is by ensuring that all the big, bulky items are at the bottom and then fit smaller objects in around it. If you have installed any racking or storage then make sure you’re correctly using these areas.#


This is very important, especially from the view point of arriving at your destination with the items still being in pristine condition. When you haven’t got a full load, items in the bed can move around and damage themselves and even your truck. Take the time to secure these items by using anchors and ratchet straps which will stop them from moving around as you drive.


Exceeding your loading capacity isn’t just illegal, it can also be dangerous. Make sure that your truck never goes over its weight rating and you won’t have to worry about paying a hefty fine and receiving points on your licence.


Expensive, fragile and small equipment is best kept in the cab to prevent it from being stolen, broken or lost. The L200 has lots of little storage compartments which can be utilized for this purpose, helping to protect this equipment and provide more room in the truck bed.


Whenever possible, try to use cargo pallets in order to make loading and unloading much easier for forklifts. In addition to this, pallets are less likely to slide around and you are able to secure multiple items to a single pallet which can save time trying to secure individual items. By doing all of this, and by driving sensibly, you will find that the way you transport goods will be hugely improved. For more tips, hints or to find the best truck for your needs, check out some of our other posts.