When it comes to fuel consumption, nothing comes close to the Outlander PHEV's outstanding 156MPG which is achieved using plug-in hybrid technology. This isn’t good, it is absolutely fantastic! In fact, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is completely game changing for the SUV market.

Thanks to the twin electric motors and a highly efficient 2 litre petrol engine, the PHEV produces superior fuel efficiency and optimised performance for a wide range of driving styles. With the capability of achieving 156MPG, the PHEV’s electric vehicle mode has a range of 32 miles and delivers a combined electric-petrol range of 541 miles.


You could fill up your PHEV and drive all the way from Buckingham Palace to Edinburgh Castle on one tank, with fuel to spare. What’s more, thanks to the PHEV’s low emissions you won’t have to worry about paying the congestion charge! 

The electric motor alone would allow you to drive the 13 miles from London Zoo to London City Airport and back again without running out of juice. Unlike many other hybrid vehicles, the driver has complete control of how and when the battery is used. You can enter into eco mode, power saving and regenerative braking with a simple push of a button. 

You will get different performance from each drive mode, which will change how efficient the PHEV is in real terms. To give you a better understanding of this, the different modes are: 

  • Pure EV – gets power solely from the electric motor and can be driven up to 74mph.
  • Series Hybrid – this activates when battery power is low or if you’re accelerating quickly. In this mode, the petrol engine charges the battery to provide drive to the wheels.
  • Parallel Hybrid – in this mode, the engine directly provides power to the wheels. This mode is automatically activated when the battery is empty or if the car is driven above 74mph.

The real beauty of the PHEV is that it will automatically select the optimum driving mode, taking into account comfortable driving and superior fuel efficiency – giving you one less thing to have to think about.


According to the most recent Census, people are travelling further to work than ever before, with the average commute being 9.32miles. This means that you could travel to work for minimum cost with the PHEV, as the electric motor will have more than enough power to take you to work and back. Not only is this great for your wallet, but with zero emissions it’s a brilliant way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. 

Don’t worry if you forget to plug it in though, the PHEV will automatically switch over to petrol to get you to your destination. Unlike a standard electric vehicle, this means that you won’t suffer from range anxiety as you’ll be able to refuel at any petrol station on your journey. 

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