Performance figures are pretty annoying aren’t they? It’s just a bunch of numbers, normally combined with acronyms, jumbled up into a sales pitch. If you want to know how fuel efficient pickups are in real terms then you’re in the right place.

Breaking it Down

By taking Mitsubishi for their word, we can see that the L200 produces:

•    31.7 mpg with urban driving
•    41.5 mpg through extra urban driving
•    Combined this comes to 37.7mpg

These figures are quite impressive and are most likely based on the vehicle having an empty load, carrying only the driver and definitely not towing a trailer. In reality, every 45kg of extra weight will decrease your fuel efficiency by roughly 2% - this doesn’t include the extra problem of drag which is present when pulling a trailer.


For this explanation we’ll assume that you’re driving the L200 with 90kg of tools and equipment– dropping the MPG to 30.5 (urban), 39.8 (extra urban) and 36.2 (combined). These are the figures we’ll use combined with the 16.5 gallon (75 litre) capacity of the L200’s fuel tank. So how far could you go?


The economy you receive from urban driving doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re just stop-start driving around a city. It actually comes in from operating in the low gears, as these are less fuel efficient than the top ones. Typically, driving around a farm will produce the ‘urban’ economy figure of 30.5mpg allowing you to cover 503.25miles before the truck runs completely dry. That means that you could almost make it from Exeter, Devon to Dundee, Scotland entirely off-road – the biggest problem you’d face is navigating there!


This figure is achieved by pottering down the motorway in top gear, without changing speed or having to face any large hills or being forced to accelerate or brake harshly. By achieving the target of 39.8 mpg you’d be able to drive a staggering 656.7. That’s the equivalent of driving all the way down the M4, doing a two laps of the M25 and then driving all the way back down the M4 with petrol to spare!


This is probably the truest reading you’ll get in terms of real world driving. Achieving 36.2mpg will allow you to travel just under 600 miles on a full tank – that would take you all the way from Aberdeen down to the bottom of the UK, finishing in Bournemouth. All of this on one tank and factoring in the fact that your speed will be altering and you’ll have to go up hills on the way to Scotland.

So, to answer the question the L200 will go a very, very long way on a full tank. Probably much further than you expected for a vehicle of this size! However, it is important to note that these are just rough estimates and many things can affect the fuel efficiency you achieve so be sure to keep an eye on your fuel meter!