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How the Next 5 Years of Car Making Will Smash the Last 5

It’s a big statement, but it is absolutely true. There have been some huge, life-changing advances in the motoring industry over the last 5 years, but what’s going to happen in the next 5 is likely to put this to shame.

Here’s a prediction of how we see car manufacturers changing all the rules over the next five years to bring out some truly mind-blowing cars:

More Electric Power

Electric.jpgWe’ve already seen huge leaps in the number of cars that use hybrid technology – both regenerative and plug-in – and this is set to continue over the next five years. Expect to see an abundance of electric vehicles hitting the market with more and more increased capabilities. New electric vehicles will have a much greater range capacity and charge a lot quicker, making them even more efficient and practical for everyday drivers. 

Self-Driving Cars

Several companies have already made huge advances in autonomous vehicles – with over 11 million miles under the belt of Google’s self-driving car – but we’re likely to see this in a much larger scale over the next couple of years. While these vehicles are unlikely to be fully autonomous (you won’t be able to press a button and have your car to drive to you just yet) you will be able to let them do their own thing on the motorway or when parking.

Driver Override

Similar to autonomous cars, we can expect a ‘driver override’ safety system to be introduced to new cars. This will be things like sensors that automatically apply the brakes if you come within a certain distance of an object. Other features may also include increasing speed, altering course and even automatically cutting ignition in the case of an accident.

Car’s Tailored to Your Biometrics

You can unlock your smart phone with your finger prints, so why not your car? We’re likely to see lots of this new technology coming across into the automobile industry over the next five years, making cars more and more connected. Expect to be able to unlick and turn on your car with nothing but a touch by 2020!

Heads-Up Displays
Talking of improved technology, we’re likely to see a lot more active window displays popping up in new models. Most models will use some sort of HUD, projecting vital information clearly onto the windshield without you having to look away from the road. In addition to this, it’ll probably become more connected allowing your satnav to give you turn by turn directions straight through the windshield.

Increased Personalisation

Some manufacturers, like MG, allow their customers a huge range of personalisation options when it comes to buying new cars, but this isn’t the same across the board. Expect to see more manufacturers competing in the personalisation market, giving their customers more and more capabilities when it comes to getting what they want. This is likely to include a wide range of technology features, paint work, body trims, interior design and even engine tuning.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

There has already been some headway in vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications, but in the next five years this should become a commonplace feature. This will allow cars to talk to each other in order to avoid crashes and even work to prevent traffic congestion – simply by sharing important data like speed and location, creating an awareness that can combine with driver override for safer, more efficient driving.

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