Mitsubishi Motors look after it’s car owners. So do we. If your Mitsubishi car is involved in an accident, let Mitsubishi help with roadside assistance and handling the insurance claim. When an accident occurs, Mitsubishi car drivers need only call Mitsubishi First at 0330 100 3122. Mitsubishi First is a free customer service program designed to take the stress out of accident aftercare for our customers.

 Since you never know when an accident will occur, take a few minutes now to prepare. You can begin by saving the Mitsubishi First phone number to your contact list on your mobile phone.

Fill out this easy Mitsubishi First form to receive keytags. The keytags are free. You also may want to print a leaflet about the Mitsubishi First program and keep it in your glovebox so you can refer to it in case of an accident. The Mitsubishi First leaflet is available here


Insurance companies typically are most concerned with keeping costs low. They approve repairs based on costs and not whether the parts are Mitsubishi approved or how replaced parts will affect your warranty or safety standards. Mitsubishi First works with insurers to agree on repairs that will use Mitsubishi parts and therefore protect the resale value, safety, and warranty of the vehicle.

By making sure the parts used in repairs after an accident are Mitsubishi parts, the Mitsubishi First customer service program makes sure your vehicle remains 100% Mitsubishi. We want to help you get back on the road without compromising your standards. Let us help you get the car repairs that you have the right to receive rather than the cheapest service and parts the insurance company can find.


Free vehicle recovery nationwide

Repairs to be conducted only by fully-trained Mitsubishi technicians at Mitsubishi Approved Repair Centre

Repairs use only Mitsubishi approved parts and panels

Free courtesy car for all accidents when car is repaired by a Mitsubishi Approved Repair Centre


If your Mitsubishi car is stolen, call the police first to report the theft. Then, call Mitsubishi First. We will help you get mobile again. We work with the insurance company to agree on a valuation. We can help you get a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

All the Mitsubishi First services are free for Mitsubishi car owners. The Mitsubishi First service is available to all Mitsubishi car owners regardless of the age of the car or whether there have been previous owners of the car.


Mitsubishi drivers can get additional assistance with the Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package (MAP). This program helps car owners in the event of an accident, mechanical or electrical breakdown, lost or broken key, puncture or valve leak, fuel problems, vandalism, or attempted theft. Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package is included free for buyers of new Mitsubishi cars for three years after the car is registered.  

Car owners are covered with MAP at home or while in continental Europe. You no longer have to fear being stranded by mechanical failure or other motoring emergencies. The benefits of MAP include car recovery, redelivery, and car hire. In the event that repairs are needed, MAP will take the car to an authorised Mitsubishi dealership so that you know technicians completing the repairs will only use Mitsubishi parts. If your Mitsubishi car is between three and ten years old, you can receive these services through the MAP+ program by paying only £29.99 for enrollment.