Mitsubishi has added a new benefit for Mitsubishi car owners. Drivers can enroll in the Mitsubishi MOT protection program which covers MOT repairs up to £750. This coverage gives drivers peace of mind when waiting to find out if the MOT will require repairs to be done.

The MOT protection by Mitsubishi is available for a premium of £14.99. The owner of a Mitsubishi car can join the MOT protection plan as long as there is at least 3 months before the MOT is due. In order to qualify for this program, owners must carry out car maintenance as outlined in the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and the MOT must be conducted at an authorised Mitsubishi dealership like Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd.  

If the car fails the MOT, the repairs will be done by a Mitsubishi-trained technician. The technician will provide quality repairs using the best modern equipment and approved Mitsubishi parts. The repairs covered by the plan include repairs on steering and suspension, brakes, seatbelts, mirrors, lighting equipment, windscreen wipers, and general repairs.

Lance Bradley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: “Our MOT Protection service is an innovative product that aims to help our customers manage their running costs by providing a financial cushion for MOT repairs, boosting the customer experience for the whole life of their vehicle.”

There are some quick and easy checks you can do before taking your car for a MOT. These simple visual checks could prevent difficulties in passing the MOT.

Drivers can check:

Windscreen Wipers: Be sure the wipers are working to clear water from the windscreen. Replace the wiper blades if they are torn. Be sure the washer fluid is filled.

Number Plate Cleanliness and Legibility: Drivers can clean the plate to be sure no dirt is obstructing the view.

Headlights: Check to be sure the headlights are working as well as the sidelights, rear lights, brake lights, hazard lights and indicators.

Fuel and Oil: The technicians must be able to run the car to test emissions. The car must have suitable levels of both fuel and oil to conduct the proper MOT.

Horn: If the horn isn’t working, the Mitsubishi technician will need to repair it.

Seats and Seatbelts: All seatbelts need to be working properly. The driver’s seat should be adjustable forwards and backwards.

Windscreen: Damage such as cracks or chips that are 40mm or larger will cause the car to fail the MOT. Any damage in the driver’s field of vision or swept area of the front windscreen can be no larger than 10mm to prevent the damage from causing a failed MOT.

Tyres: All tyres need to have a minimum of 1.6mm tread. If any have less tread than the required amount, the tyres will need to be replaced. For safety, it is recommended that tyres with tread less than 3mm be replaced rather than waiting to be at the bare minimum.

Be conducting these checks before the MOT, drivers can address any issues beforehand and possibly prevent a failed MOT. If you have any questions about the MOT requirements or need help assessing the car’s tyres or other parts, check with a Mitsubishi technician at Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd. We’d be happy to help you prepare your car for an upcoming MOT.