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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Means Really Good Business

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Nathaniel Cars have provided the Bridgend Business Forum with an Outlander PHEV for a year to give the group’s 625 members a taste of the UK’s best-selling hybrid. This group will fully enjoy reaping the cost-saving benefits that this award-winning vehicle has to offer.

What Makes the PHEV Good for Business?

The PHEV’s statistics really do speak for themselves, offering amazing economy with:

  • 32 ½ miles on electric only
  • A miniscule 44g of CO2 per kilometre
  • An official combined fuel consumption of 148mpg
  • Zero vehicle tax
  • Exemption from the London congestion charge
  • Eligible for the government’s £5,000 plug-in car grant
  • Benefit in Kind rate of just 5%
  • Savings on National Insurance contributions for business owners
  • Qualified for 100% first year allowance against business profits

All of this means that you could potentially save thousands every year if you’re a company car driver. This means that choosing the PHEV is a real no-brainer as you see the benefits come in thick and fast.

Bridgend Business Forum’s chairwoman, Alison Hoy, was the first to drive this car. She said: “This hybrid car is a real treat to drive and I would urge everyone to take a test drive. I loved driving this electric hybrid and I believe that electric cars are the future of motoring. It is spacious, responsive and economical and not only are they cool and smooth but, best of all, they’re silent!”

PHEV for the Forum

All members of the Bridgend Business Forum can have full use of the plug-in hybrid for a set length of time, enjoying all the features of the vehicle and seeing just how efficient it is for business use. So far, everyone to have used this vehicle have given it glowing reviews – not really surprising considering the impressive success the PHEV has had since its launch.

Launched in 2014, the PHEV has sold over 10,000 models which makes it the UK’s best selling hybrid. In addition to this, it was awarded Diesel Car’s ‘Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle’ award and Business Car’s ‘Best Green Development’ gong in its Techie Awards. As if this wasn’t commendation enough, the PHEV has also been named the ‘Best Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle’ at the Fleet World Honours.

To find out more about the Outlander PHEV and arrange a test drive, visit Nathaniel Cars in David Street, Bridgend, CF31 3SA or telephone 01656 662255.


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