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Mitsubishi Cars Original Parts Winter Offers

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Along with Mitsubishi Motors, we are offering these savings to help prepare your car for winter weather. Take time now to visit Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd to take advantage of these special offers.

10% Off Batteries

Don’t get stranded in the snow and ice due to a faulty battery. Your battery should be checked regularly, whether it is causing problems or not.

10% Off Wipers

Old, cracked wipers can become ineffective for clearing the windscreen. Broken wipers can cause a car to fail the MOT as well as interfere with driver visibility. Take advantage of this offer and get fresh, new wipers before there is a problem.

10% Off Bulbs

Bulbs that aren’t working can be a safety concern. Bulbs must be working for your car to pass the next MOT. Now would be a great time to replace bulbs and make sure you are visible tto other drivers in winter weather. 

Call us at 01656 662277 to these parts or if you want them fitted too, arrange for an appointment so that one of our technicians can fit them hassle-free for you.

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