Our trained motability specialist at Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd can help people on disability benefits and war pensioners get the car that meets their needs. The motability scheme assists disabled people to lease affordable cars. Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd is one of the 5,000 official Motability car dealers in the UK. Our £0 advance payments MG3 Motability Deal makes it easy for anyone to get the car they need. And recently it just got even better! We are giving £200 cash back on motability MG3 cars. 

Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd has Motability Deals for MG3 models. These offer drivers very low monthly rentals. For your convenience, the Motability deals include a hassle-free maintenance plan.

The Motability deal for DLA holders on the MG3 3Style FORM SPORT is £0 advance payments, total allowance and £200 cashback only at Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd.

The car for WPMS holders is available for only £48.46 per month with £0 advance payments and £200 cashback.

The Motability program accepts applications for a limited time. Our Motability advisor can assist you to make sure your new vehicle suits your needs. The advisor can help you with any questions you may have.

When you meet with the Motability advisor, we recommend that you bring your mobility aids so that the advisor can be sure the Motability vehicle will have the appropriate adaptations. Having your mobility aids with you can be a big help in making sure you choose the best vehicle for you.

For more information about the Motability deals we can offer you, please call us at 01656 339840, and we will be happy to assist you.