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Nathaniel Cars: A Five-star Mitsubishi Dealer

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Here at Nathaniel Cars, we sell used and new cars. So, whether you’re looking for a second-hand car or a brand new Mitsubishi, we’re able to help.

And if you are looking for a Mitsubishi, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re a five-star rated dealer and have upheld this status for quite some time. Learn more here.

Top Customer Ratings

So, what does a five-star service mean? Well, for starters, it sounds pretty impressive. Anything with a five-star rating sounds appealing. Think hotels and restaurants: if you book a five-star hotel, you expect a luxury stay with top facilities, just like you would expect outstanding food at a five-star restaurant. And it’s no different with a car dealership.

We possess a five-star dealer rating for Mitsubishi Motors due to our customer feedback. At Nathaniel Cars, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is key to what we do. We strive to provide excellent customer service so that people leave the dealership with a positive mind-set and will hopefully recommend us to others!

The Benefits of Buying From Nathaniel Cars

At Nathaniel Cars, we have a team of professionals who are highly qualified in the industry, so you know your Mitsubishi will be in good hands if you need to bring it in to us in the future.

We have a workshop that is kitted out with up-to-the-minute equipment and our parts department plays a significant role in our dealership, what with our range of parts and accessories available.

What makes us different to any other dealer? Well not only do we ensure our cars are prepared to a high standard that includes servicing and valeting, we also offer a free MOT (if you have purchased your car from us) and wait for it, for the entire lifetime of ownership! That’s right, for each year that you own the car, you’ll receive a free MOT test.

And, it doesn’t end there. We can even give you a free courtesy car (only £5 to be paid for the insurance cover) if your car is in for a service, so that you’re never completely off the road, whatever your circumstances.

Mitsubishi Maintenance

Every car needs a bit of TLC, and there’s no better place to take care of all your Mitsubishi’s maintenance needs than an authorised Mitsubishi Motors dealer like ourselves! We have skilled Mitsubishi technicians who provide a supreme service, using only the best parts available.

As a five-star rated dealer of this prestigious brand, you know you’re guaranteed an exceptional service from start to finish at Nathaniel Cars.

Be sure to visit Nathaniel Cars in Bridgend, one of the few five-star Mitsubishi Dealers in the UK.

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