Late November 2016, our Managing Director, Mr Wayne Griffiths went on an incentive trip from MG Motor UK (for being the UK best-selling MG Dealer) to China. He went to visit the SAIC Motor Corporation Limited head office in Shanghai, the car factories and also to see the future of MG and other Chinese brands at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2016. As he summed up in one word, "phenomenal"! Let's see why.

The New MG ZS was unveiled at Guangzhou Motor Show in November 2016.

MG has revealed their plans for a new addition to their line. The sporty small SUV is currently referred to as the MG ZS, though the name is expected to change for its launch in the UK motoring market. This modern design is set to rival the Nissan Juke, but is expected to be considerably cheaper than the Juke.

The MG GS is MG’s current SUV model. The new MG ZS will share an engine with the MG GS. The MG GS has a 1.5-litre engine, which is expected to be the same engine used by the upcoming ZS. The engine produces 164bhp and 18lb foot of torque. The six-speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch automatic of the MG GS are expected to be available for the ZS. Even though they share an engine, the ZS design is very different from its larger SUV counterpart.

Some people may remember a previous MG Motors car called the “MG ZS.” That MG ZS was a sporty sedan that was sold in the UK from 2001-2005. This may be why the name of this stylish compact SUV is expected to change for the UK market. There is no mistaking the modern SUV design with that of the earlier sedan.


Designs for the ZS include sophisticated detailing and a Jaguar-inspired grill. The advanced designs were created by SAIC Design, a division of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, MG’s parent company. SAIC Design has studios in China and the UK which collaborated on the ZS styling. One of the intentions of the styling of the MG ZS was for mass appeal and making this MG model more attractive to the upscale motoring market than the MG GS.

A near-production-ready prototype will be featured at the 2017 London Motor Show. The London Motor Show will be held at Battersea Park on the first weekend in May 2017. The car will be sold in China before it is released in the UK in later 2017 (updated). The exact release date for the UK market and pricing details have not yet been released.


There is talk of further develops for the MG line-up of sassy and affordable cars. The new MG3 are expected to have additional engine options. A new, larger SUV is expected to be added to the line in the future. The larger SUV is said to be similar in size to the Nissan X-Trail. No further details of these advances in the MG line are being released yet.

MG continues to have great success in it stylish, modern, and fun cars offered at prices far below the competition. The rise in popularity has been phenomenal. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is an agency that compiles statistics about the UK motoring industry trends and sales figures for different manufacturers. This organization stated that compared to last year’s figures, MG Motor has increased by more than 40% some months. Today’s sophisticated consumers are quite taken with the value of MG cars.

With the to-be-released amazing compact SUV that will surpasses the competition, MG Motor hopes to keep increasing its popularity in not just the UK, but also in other regions worldwide. At Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd, we can’t wait to be able to test drive the new MG SUV. Be sure to keep checking our website for the upcoming developments about new MG cars.