Drivers are paying more parking tickets than ever. The number of parking tickets issued by private parking management firms has risen dramatically over the past year. Parking tickets are now being issued every six seconds. Parking fines can be as much as £100 for a parking offense such as staying beyond the time limit, showing an expired parking ticket, or parking where there is no parking allowed.

Almost one million more drivers received parking tickets than in the previous financial year. Parking management firms obtained 5.65m vehicle records from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The parking management firms request these records to issue parking fines.

Today’s number of tickets is vastly different than a decade ago. Just 10 years ago, only 499,000 tickets per year were issued. Last year, 4.71m tickets were sent to drivers for parking offenses. This year’s 5.65m tickets is nearly 20% higher than last year.

Where are motorists hit hardest with frequent fines? According to the Daily Express website, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London are where motorists are most likely to be fined. In London, people parking on Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street in Westminster paid almost one-fourth of the parking fines in London.

Why have the number of tickets risen so high? Some government officials suspect that there may be some unfair practices being used to collect more fines such as small signs and aggressive collection communication. The government is backing a bill that would instill a measure of independent scrutiny on the private car parks and parking fine practices.

Parking can be a headache for other reasons as well. Some drivers find the need to look for a smaller vehicle to accommodate small parking spaces. Parking features such as parking assist cameras and sensors are very helpful. If you have parking headaches that can be resolved with a car more suited to your parking needs, stop in at Nathaniel Cars to see the many ways our cars can ease your parking pains.