Are you driving around in a car that’s bigger than you need? Did you know that you could be saving yourself a small fortune every year by downsizing your vehicle?

That’s not the only benefit though, here are six reasons why you need to buy a compact car.


Thanks to their smaller size, compact cars are perfect for inner city driving. You can squeeze past stalled traffic, glide down narrow streets and easily park where no saloon car could dream of venturing. Even if you don’t have to tackle city driving on a regular basis, their smaller size is much better for navigating multi-storey car parks or cruising down country lanes.


Do you ever feel as though your vehicle corners with all the grace of an overloaded cruise ship? This is often the case with estate cars and people carriers but is an unheard of problem in compact cars. Even with their smaller engines these vehicles accelerate quickly, turn sharply and brake well, allowing you to feel much more confident behind the wheel.


One of the biggest benefits that comes with having a smaller car is that running costs are massively lower than their bigger counterparts. Many of these vehicles can achieve a combined fuel efficiency of over 45mpg with petrol and achieve figures well in the 60mpg range when it comes to diesel. Smaller, more efficient engines also means paying much lower road tax – in fact, many compact cars pay less than £100 a year! In addition to this, the purchase price of smaller cars tends to be much lower than you may expect from a new car.


Unlike most other ‘family’ or ‘business’ cars, compact cars are made to suit a younger more fashionable type of driver. This means that they are made with a lot more personality, both in terms of their responsive handling and their fleek looks. If you want something that helps you stand out from the crowd then you are far better off with a compact car than anything else out there. 


To add to their charm, compact cars tend to produce much fewer emissions than larger ones. This makes them much better for the environment and contributes towards the money saving benefits in quite a significant way. Whether you are an eco-warrior or not, compact cars can help to save you money while being friendly to Mother Nature – who can argue with that?


Not only do small cars have more personality, they are also extremely fashionable. This can be seen by the type of audience that the body and interior styling is aimed at, taking into account modern fashion trends, a wide choice of colours and the ability to tailor the vehicle to your specifications. All of this without breaking the bank!  

If you’re looking to get an even better deal on a small, fashionable compact car then look in the used car market. As these are largely seen to be middle cars, between a first car and a family car, there is a great selection available second hand – visit our used car selection online today to find your perfect small car.