The speed limit on five major roads in Wales will be reduced to 50mph starting Monday, 18 June. The lower speed limit is expected to immediately improve air quality by reducing emissions up to 18% in the area. Signs have been installed to reflect the change. Other signs have also been added to improve traffic flow.

Drivers should be aware of the limit change to avoid any fines. The speed limit has been reduced on the M4 between Junctions 41 and 42 at Port Talbot and between junctions 25 and 26 at Newport. Other roadways affected by the change include the A494 at Deeside, A483 at Wrexham, and the A470 between Upper Boat and Pontypridd.

Hannah Blythyn, the Welsh environment minister, says that she supports the measure to reduce air pollution in Wales in order to protect the natural environment and ensure a healthier future.

The reduced speed locations were chosen, because those areas have levels of nitrogen dioxide that are above the legal limits. Several options for reducing the nitrogen dioxide levels have been investigated. Reducing the speed limit to 50mph provides the most benefit to quickly improve air quality at these targeted locations.

Poor air quality is hazardous to the public’s health. Poor air quality contributes to over 2,000 deaths in Wales annually. The air pollution can contribute to heart disease, lung disease, and strokes.