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Subaru AWD: Their Unique Winning Formula

Subaru Rally Car

Subaru are constantly pushing their vehicles to be better than their competition, they do this by building more innovative, faster and smoother handling machines. One of the improvements that has been made is by introducing their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system as a standard feature across most of their range.

Subaru’s Unique Engine

Unlike traditional engine blocks that use an in-line or V-type engine that have pistons that are upright, Subaru uses a ‘boxer engine’ which is mounted horizontally with opposing pistons that counteract each other. The opposing pistons create a much smoother engine block, reducing vibrations while still delivering huge amounts of power.

Symmetrically Aligned Engine

The main benefit of Subaru’s ‘boxer engine’ is that it can be aligned in the centre of the vehicle, making it more evenly balanced and helping to improve handling. Additionally, because the pistons are set flat the whole vehicle benefits from having a lower profile giving greater control and more dynamic agility. This engine sends the power directly to the car’s symmetrical AWD drive system which continually delivers it to all four wheels without losing power through extra parts that other systems typically use.

Subaru’s AWD System

This almost perfectly symmetrical system delivers equal power to every wheel in order to efficiently grip the road, regardless of weather conditions. This provides the best possible steering and control for handling, cornering, braking and side to side movement without losing traction.

As a pro-active system, if you do come across any areas where the traction in a wheel dissipates – for example a pothole or a standing body of water – it will react instantly to the situation. It does this by rerouting the power from the wheels that are slipping to those that have a firm grip in order to maintain consistent traction. Four wheel drive systems from other manufacturers are reactive, helping you to gain traction after it is already lost rather than working to prevent its loss in the first place.

Unlike front wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicles, the AWD system means that you will not have issues with over-steering or under-steering if you push the car too hard through a corner. This is a great safety feature to have, even if you never push the vehicle to the point of needing it.

Working with other Systems

AWD works in harmony with Subaru’s other features to get the best possible performance from the vehicle. This includes working with the Electronic Brake Distribution and Anti-Lock Braking system to provide unparalleled control on the road in almost any weather condition. The result is one of the best handling cars you’ll ever have the privilege of driving, regardless of which model you go for.

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