Pick-up trucks are notoriously versatile. They’re able to tackle some of the roughest terrain on earth and pull loads well in excess of 1,000kg. But despite their amazing functionality, there are still some things you can do to turn your truck into a Swiss army knife on wheels, ready to handle every possibility. Here are ten of the best accessories to invest in.


Splash guards aren’t just an extra bit of bling to stick on your truck. They actually serve a purpose of protecting your truck, trailer and vehicles behind you from the rocks, mud and gravel that gets chucked up by the tyres.


Your truck bed takes a lot of abuse, and nothing gets worn and torn as much as your tailgate. By installing a tailgate protector it will reduce the amount of damage your tailgate receives – whether that’s from loading and unloading or from spilling coffee or BBQ sauce on it.


Long journeys can be made much faster by listening to your favourite tunes, but having a 12 track CD will get boring very quickly. By installing an AUX cable or iPod docking station in your truck you can listen to hours of music without hearing the same song twice or having annoying radio DJs interrupting.


Coating the bed of your truck with a protective liner can give you a shock-resistant coating that protects not only your truck, but also the cargo you’re transporting. This is great for anyone who regularly transports goods or for simply keeping the truck bed in tip-top condition.


Fog lights are incredibly useful if you live in an area that receives a lot of fog. Fitting these lights can make cutting through bad weather much easier and safer than without them.


Tall trucks can be difficult to get into without a leg up. If your pick-up didn’t come with running boards then installing these can make a huge difference to how easily you can get in and out of the truck.


If you want to tow things then a trailer hitch is essential. Going for a heavy-duty one will allow your pickup to handle everything you can throw at it, from horse trailers to caravans!


Dirty jobs can run over and create a huge mess in your cabin. To stop this from ruining your upholstery, invest in some heavy duty seat covers. This way you can just take them off and run them through the washing machine when they are filthy – saving your truck from being permanently dirty.


Anybody who carries tools around with them regularly could benefit from installing a lockable metal toolbox in their truck bed. This secure storage will mean that you never leave your toolbox behind and it can help to organise all your tools and equipment.


Winches are incredibly useful for everything from pulling your truck out of a ditch to putting an overturned tractor the right way up. If you regularly use your truck off-road then this is a great investment that can save a lot of time and frustration down the line.

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