1. It's perfectly fine to allow an unattended car's engine to run to warm up the vehicle.

Leaving an unattended vehicle running could invalidate the insurance if the car is stolen. This can be a huge problem for drivers who can find themselves both without cars and insurance coverage. Never leave a car running while unattended. It's not worth the risk.

2. Winter, especially close to Christmas, is the peak time for car crimes.

Actually, the levels of car crime tends to plummet during Christmas and Boxing day. This is not an excuse to leave your guard down. Keep paying attention and taking the usual precautions, and your holiday should be without incident. 

3. It's illegal to drive in snow boots or wellies. 

No specific type of footwear for drivers is prohibited by law. In the Highway Code, rule 97 states that motorists need to avoid wearing clothing or footwear that could interfere with the driver's ability to control and properly operate the vehicle in the correct manner. It's up to the driver's best judgement to determine if the clothing or footwear allow the driver to control the vehicle. If a driver is pulled over by police for a driving infraction, clumsy footwear could be problematic.


4. A driver's car insurance is likely to be invalidated if the driver replaces the tyres with winter tyres. 

While it is possible that an insurer can view fitting snow tyres to the vehicle as a modification that negates the insurance coverage, it is unlikely. More and more insurance companies recognize that winter tyres improve winter driving safety. Most UK insurance providers have signed up to the Association of British Insurers Winter Tyres Motor Insurance Commitment which permits drivers to use winter tyres without notifying the insurance company. To be safe, drivers should check with their insurers about their stance on winter tyres before making this alteration.

5. Drivers can't be fined for leaving the engine running to defrost the windscreen.\Engine idling is a driving offensee according to Rule 123 of The Highway Code. Drivers may be fined  £20 fixed penalties for engine idling. However, this restriction is rarely enforced. 

6. Drivers must carry a winter emergency kit as required by law.

Emergency kits are not required by law. Even if it isn't illegal to do without an emergency kit, it is a good practice to have appropriate emergency kits in the car to help avoid problems. 

7. Insurers always pay out for car accidents that occur on ice since it isn't the driver's fault.

Drivers are responsible for having the vehicle under control, even under the worst winter road conditions. Ice on the road does not change the usual investigation of car accidents that determine who was at fault and whether the insurer pays out. Drivers need to allow more distance for stopping and follow safe driving practices.

8. It's okay to drive with ice on the windscreen.

If a driver's windscreen is obstructed, police can fine the driver £60. Take a minute and clean all the snow and ice from the windscreen before driving.

9. A lack of daylight doesn't affect winter driving.

Actually, winter driving is more dangerous due to fewer daylight hours. Two out of five car collisions accur when it's dark. There are more people driving during the day. There are many factors that make night-time driving more dangerous. The most obvious risk factor of driving at night is reduced visibility. The threat of winter weather makes the risks even higher. 

10. Floodwater damage is never covered by insurance.

Insurers' coverage for floodwater damage varies. Some insurance companies cover floodwater damage. Drivers need to be aware of their insurance company's policies regarding floodwater. Remember that it isn't safe to drive through water that is deeper than 4-6 inches. When in doubt, don't risk it! 



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