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The Best Car Commercials of 2014

Best Car Adverts of 2014

2014 was a great year for cars; we saw some new designs, great innovation and a much greater range of customisation option from some existing manufacturers. However, not all of these grabbed the public’s attention quite as well as they wanted to.

Some commercials are simply better than others, helping to capture the minds and inspire people to purchase that vehicle. So what was the best car commercial of 2014? Let’s explore!

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Not only is it the first of its kind, but the commercial for the PHEV was the only one that stood out this year for delivering nothing but raw facts. There was no scenic drive through rural France, no elaborate storyline to make you think this is a car for James Bond, it was simply facts.

It was the pure capabilities of this car that set it apart from the rest and made this advert work so well. The mere mention of the PHEV being able to achieve up to 148 miles per gallon and having such low fuel emissions that you won’t have to pay road tax truly sets it aside.

Audi R8 V10

Similarly to the Mitsubishi PHEV, it doesn’t necessarily have to tell a story to make the car appeal than to show off its assets. That’s exactly what Audi have done with their new R8 commercial. It has no voice over, no catch phrases, no music, the car itself doesn’t even move but the engine sings. If the music that the V10 makes isn’t enough to sell this car to you then nothing ever will.

Jaguar F-Type

Now this exact advert may not have hit the UK’s TV screens, but Jaguar did do something similar including more celebrities. However, it was their advert for the USA market that made its way onto our list for one simple reason – it oozes class. Tom Hiddleston talks to us about the art of Villainy while showing off the F-Type’s potential, unlike the commercial that was released in the UK much more is seen of the car.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota has captured the essence of something that we’re all guilty of – singing-a-long to a song while we’re driving. We’ve all done it and it always makes you feel good, and that is exactly what Toyota claim that their Auris Hybrid does, even when road conditions aren’t exactly ideal. With the catch phrase “fall in love with driving again” they have pitched this perfectly at an audience who are less than satisfied with their existing car.

Subaru Outback

In 2014 we saw Subaru take a traditional approach to advertising with their ‘Meet the Barkleys’ campaign. This followed a family of golden retrievers as they drove around in pretty much every family friendly Subaru model on the market. Dogs driving cars, what more could you want? Nobody can refuse to buy a Subaru now because they don’t think it would be practical for their dog! This particular commercial is our favourite and it isn’t hard to see why.

We hoped you enjoyed the ads and at the end of 2015 we'll look to do the same! If you have a favourite don't forget to tweet it to us @nathanielcars.

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