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The Brand New Subaru WRX STi Type UK

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The World Class rally car manufacturer, Subaru, have released their brand new WRX STi Type UK which is predicted to take the world by storm. Petrol heads around the world will love this car for one reason and one reason only – high performance.

There are many reasons why this vehicle is already causing ripples of excitement within the motoring community. Here are some of the best aspects of this machine that will really get your heart pumping.

Subaru WRX STi Type UK

Something that can’t be ignored is the immaculate styling that brings back the traditional look of the rally car and somehow balancing the body work harmoniously between sleek and masculine. These aren’t just there for decoration, like some boy racer’s polo, the hood scoop sucks cool air into the engine to keep it cool and allow it to perform within its full capabilities. Meanwhile, the carefully designed rear spoiler shifts plenty of down force onto the car keeping you firmly planted on the road.

The horizontally-opposed, four cylinder, four stroke, high-boost turbo-charged 2.5 litre engine with large capacity intercooler takes the car from 0-62 in just 5.2 seconds and max out the top speed just shy of 160mph. With performance like this, you probably don’t expect much in terms of fuel consumption right? Well then, you may be surprised to hear that the WRX STi is listed as being able to achieve 33.6mpg extra urban – that’s considerably more than we expected!

How Does it Drive?

To say this car is every driving enthusiast’s dream would be an understatement. The handling is nothing short of phenomenal, going exactly where you point it with bags of grip and a sturdy suspension system that you can rely on to keep the car in line.

Although, visually, it looks like the old

McRae Impreza it performs better than ever before with the quick and efficiency that can only be gained through a modern turbo. The four wheel drive system lets the

car take full advantage of the powerful engine, maximising grip both when accelerating and cornering. This car handles so well that you’re probably going to have to re-learn aggressive driving as you won’t have to account so strongly for the vehicle slipping on the road at high speeds.

What about passenger comfort?

It isn’t all about the driver, sooner or later you’ll have to let other people get into your car – probably after removing their shoes – so how will they find the WRX? The interior is modern and lustrous with supporting and comfortable chairs that will hold them in nicely if you do wish to show off the cars performance or let them relax for those longer journeys.  There’s plenty of leg room in the back making it suitable for adult passengers without compromising on what you can fit in the boot.

If you’ve been taken in by this beautiful and astounding car then come on down to the Nathaniel Cars showroom today and take it for a spin! For just £28,995 you’ll get the best price around and our competitive finance options make it even easier for you to pick up your dream car.

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