If you’re buying a pickup truck or 4x4 that you’re planning on using off road, then it makes sense that your test drive should include some rugged terrain rather than purely road driving.

Anyone looking to buy this type of vehicle will strongly benefit from a proper off-road test, here’s how.


Not every 4x4 is a true off road vehicle. In a world of crossovers and ‘Chelsea tractors’ there are a huge selection of SUVs which are simply not capable when taken off a smooth, paved surface. If you need a vehicle that can handle steep muddy climbs and general off road duty then you need to know whether or not it is up to the task before you buy.

Being able to test drive off road gives you a great idea of how well the vehicle will perform in daily duties, letting you separate the true 4x4s from the crossovers.


There are lots of features on an off-road vehicle that simply will not be used when on the road. You can’t simply flip a switch to see if they work either, you need to go out and get muddy to see just how well they perform. Some features are simply gimmicks from the manufacturer, while others have been explicitly designed to make the vehicle well suited for heavy off road use.

A thorough off-road test will allow you to see what these features actually do and give you a better idea of what spec you want from the vehicle.


Some 4x4s can be rather uncomfortable on the road, but work stunningly when taken off the beaten track. Instead of driving around a housing estate and down carriage ways, why not test the vehicle for the terrain that it was designed for? This will give you a much better understanding of how the vehicle really performs and what you can expect from it.


Unless you’re buying a 4x4 for the school run, you will want to know just how capable it is off-road and this can only be done by pushing its limits. You won’t achieve this on normal roads, you’ll need to test it out on an off-road course complete with dramatic cambers, hills, mud and even stream crossings. This is the only real way of getting to see what the limits of the 4x4 are without having to buy it first, which could potentially be a really expensive mistake.


At Nathaniel Cars we understand the importance of being able to know the capabilities of a 4x4, which is why we offer an off-road test drive (accompanied by a member of our staff) on our all-terrain vehicles. This will let you see whether or not this is the right vehicle for you by putting it up against conditions that it will face on a daily basis. Book your test drive with Nathaniel Cars today.