When it comes to cleaning your car, having the right kit available can make a huge difference. Often you’ll find that budget soaps and brushes just shift the dirt around and leave streaks, but top of the range equipment can cost a small fortune.


Let’s look at the top car cleaning kits in order to give you an idea of the equipment used by professional car cleaners. Here are all the things you need to give your vehicle a professional-looking clean and how much you can expect to pay for each item:


The fastest and most efficient way of getting all the existing dirt and grime off your car is to give it a blast with a pressure washer. This won’t leave the car spotless, but it will be in a much better starting position for a thorough wash. Some pressure washers have proper car cleaning kits, such as a feature that allows you to apply a foam cleaner and brushes to help remove the most stubborn dirt.

Don’t skimp on pressure washers, as cheap ones tend to break quickly and won’t have a powerful enough spray to remove road debris. A decent pressure washer will likely set you back around £100 to £500 depending on brand and attachments you buy with it.


Simply washing your car down with water won’t leave your vehicle gleaming, you need to invest in a good shampoo to get rid of all that dirty but without leaving streaks or damaging the car’s paintwork. Many people use dish washing liquid here, but that will leave streaks all over the paint work and windows.

You can get all-in-one shampoo and wax that will give you a thorough clean and leaves your car with a protective coating against some levels of muck. Expect to pay anything from £6 up to around £35 for a decent car shampoo.


While the classic image of cleaning a car is done using a sponge, you won’t find this anywhere near a professional cleaning kit. Instead you’ll want a high quality lambs wool or microfiber wash mitt – these won’t drag dirt or grit across your paintwork in the same way as sponges do. This will help to protect your paintwork and leave your car looking like new for longer.

A decent mitt can cost anywhere from £10 - £20 and price will vary depending on whether you decide to choose lambs wool or microfiber. The difference between the two is marginal and it is largely up to personal preference.


After you’ve given your car a thorough wash, you’ll need to make sure that it is dry before applying the wax. The best way to do this is with microfiber cloths, as they will remove any moisture and will draw in any grit away from the paintwork to prevent scratches.

You can pick up a pack of microfiber cloths for around £5, although cheaper ones are available they won’t be the same quality.


If you want a truly amazing finish on your car then you need a decent quality car wax in your inventory. While a shampoo and wax may help to give it a nice finish, it is no real substitute for a proper wax. Car wax helps to protect the bodywork from all the elements your car is exposed to and can stop paint chips caused from road grit and grime that are common during winter months.

There are two types of wax that are common: carnauba or synthetic.  The main difference between the two is that carnauba gives a really deep shine that lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks, whereas a synthetic wax will last longer but won’t have the same level of shine. You will also need a decent wax application pad to ensure that you have a smooth and pristine finish, these can be picked up from as little as £3 with wax costing anything from £10-£100 although expect to pay around £25 for really decent quality.


Your wheels arguably are the dirtiest thing on your car, so you need to make sure that you have everything you need to ensure your alloys sparkle. There are several types of cleaning product available for wheels, including tyre shine which breathes new life into your tyres and alloy cleaner that will leave these gleaming.

Wheel cleaner will cost you around £10-£15 while tyre shine tends to be around £5 for a large can. You’ll also need a wheel brush to get into all those nooks and crannies, expect to pay anywhere between £3 and £20 for one of these, depending on make and quality.


All in you can expect to pay around £200 for all the gear you need to give your car a thorough clean, which comes up very steep when purchased all at once. When you consider that paying someone else to thoroughly clean your car inside and out costs £12.50, it can be hard to justify doing it yourself. In fact you’d have to clean your car 16 times just to break even, and by that point you’d probably need new bits of kit again!

Save yourself the hassle and visit Nathaniel Cars today, our attended hand car wash starts from as little as £5 delivering a deep clean to make your car look like new. The full works costs just £12.50 and will fully restore even the dirtiest cars back to showroom quality.  (Updated on 1st June 2017, the onsite Car wash facility is now run by a third party service provider.)