Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd has been serving families in South Wales for over 30 years. Throughout the decades, we have seen some incredible things. The Dyer familygave us a wonderful new tale to tell. The local family set a MG Motors record when four members of the same family each bought themselves an MG car each.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “As far as we’re aware, this is the most new MGs in one household. This fantastic story certainly reinforces our affordable family fun message.”

The Dyer family’s experience with MG cars began when Danielle heard a radio advert for MG cars while shopping for a new car with her family. Amazed at the low and affordable price in the advert, they decided to check out the deal being advertised. This led them to Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd in Bridgend. 

Danielle was not disappointed. She fell in love with the MG3 right after the test drive and was soon signing the paperwork for her very own new car. “I absolutely love my MG3! It’s the first new car I’ve owned and it’s really great. What’s so good about it is the affordability, when Nathan at Nathaniel Car Sales worked up the quote for me I was shocked but so happy that I could afford it,” said Danielle.

While Danielle was buying her new car, her mother jumped on the deal and bought her own new MG3. Danielle’s mother, Kath Dyer, is respected and well-known in the community. She is a Major in the Army Reserves who served in Afghanistan in 2008 and 2012. Kath Dyer is a Senior Sister in the A&E department at Cardiff’s Heath Hospital.

Shortly after Danielle and Kath bought their new MG3s, Kayleigh Dyer decided that she wanted one as well. However, three new MG cars in the driveway wasn’t enough for the Dyers. Perhaps feeling a bit left out, Danielle’s father bought an MG car of his own. Oh, but he did not conform! He was a rebel! He bought an MG6rather than the MG3s the rest of his family were driving.

The British MG brand of cars can trace its roots back to 1924. MG Motors strives to deliver exceptionally affordable cars that are fun to drive. According to a review of the MG3 by BBC’s Top Gear, “The steering is direct, there’s loads of grip and good body control - this thing is a hoot to drive. Our only caveat is that the ride is a tad firm, but we’d sacrifice that for the way it corners.”

Nathan Griffiths, Sales Manager at Nathaniel Car Sales added, "We will definitely see more of the MG cars on British roads, particularly the MG3s, as it is simply a deal not to be missed. The styling  and looks are so customisable that everyone can create an MG3 that suits their character and style, without breaking their wallets."

This is a remarkable story that will always be dear to our hearts. We look forward to continuing to serve the automotive needs of the Dyers and the rest of South Wales. Why not book yourself a test drive today? Call 01656 339840