Potholes on UK roads has become a costly epidemic. Millions of pounds have been spent to repair damages from potholes. The costs of auto repairs and road maintenance continue to climb.

Potholes can damage several parts of a vehicle. Striking a pothole can cause wheel rim damage, tire punctures, steering system misalignment, engine damage, broken suspension components, premature wear on shocks and struts, and damage to the exhaust system.

Depths of the Pothole Crisis

While many potholes are small, shallow holes, some are large enough to cause damage to vehicles. The potholes are so great in number that the combined depth of all the potholes in the UK is almost four times the depth of the Pacific Ocean. That unimaginable depth shows just how severe the pothole crisis is in the UK.

Concerns for Cyclists

Each pothole is evaluated by the local council to determine if the pothole is large enough to require immediate repair. Potholes that the local councils have considered to be too shallow to warrant repairs may still cause problems for motorists and cyclists. Local councils consider the risks and decide on what depth a pothole needs to be before it is repaired.

One cyclist’s death due to injuries sustained in a fall after striking a pothole prompted Peter Sigee, assistant coroner of for Greater Manchester North, to write a report to the Transportation Secretary Chris Grayling, Sigee encourages the government to consider the safety risks to cyclists when potholes are neglected due to the current procedures used to decide which potholes need to be fixed and which can wait.

According to the Daily Express, the Department of Transport says that they responded to the assistant coroner about his concerns and there is no change in policy. A spokeswoman from the Department of Transport says, “We are giving councils record levels of capital funding, more than £7.1bn up to 2021, to improve local roads and repair potholes.”

Reporting Potholes

According to AA, 32 percent of drivers have sustained damage to their cars due to hitting a pothole. One way drivers can help combat the pothole problem is by reporting existing potholes. If the driver has possible damage from hitting a pothole, the driver should also gather evidence regarding any damage to the car. Make a note of the date and time that the incident occurred.

If you are filing a claim against the local council for vehicle repairs, keep all car repair quotes and receipts for the repairs. You may want to photograph any visible damage to the car and include these photos with your claim. If the driver has comprehensive insurance, they may be able to file a claim with the insurance company to cover the damage from the pothole.

The best thing to do is to try to avoid problems by watching out for potholes. Drivers can minimize the risk by driving at safe speeds that allow them to react in time when a pothole becomes visible in the vehicle’s path. Remember that in the rain, a pothole may be disguised as a harmless puddle. If you do hit a pothole and you suspect there may be car damage, you should consider getting the vehicle checked at a trusted auto repair shop like the service centre at Nathaniel Car Sales in Bridgend.