The official registration of a car is called the V5C. Car owners who fail to follow the rules regarding the V5C open themselves up to the possibility of receiving some hefty fines. The information on a V5C is kept in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database. When buying or selling a car or other information changes, drivers need to report these changes.

If a driver is stopped and the police find that the V5C is not accurate, the driver may receive a fine of up to £1,000! So, it’s very important to keep the information up to date. If your name or address changes or the car changes ownership, the changes should be reported as soon as possible. This can be done easily through the DVLA website. Car owners no longer have to fill out a form in the V5C logbook and mail it to Swansea to report a change.

There is a new online system to make reporting changes easier when buying a car. The seller can enter your email address when they report the sale of the vehicle to the DVLA. If the buyer forgets to give the seller the email address or the seller fails to enter the correct email, there is no cause for alarm. The buyer should receive their V5C in the mail within five business days.

Use of the online system isn’t mandatory. The changes can be filed through the mail if that is preferred. If a V5C is lost or damaged, a car owner can apply for a new one for a £25 fee. The V62 form is used to request a new V5C.

If you have any questions regarding making changes to the V5C, please feel free to ask the Nathaniel Cars team member assisting you with the sale, parts exchange, or purchase of your new car from us. Give us a call at 01656 339840.