Drivers in the UK often rely heavily on their satnav to provide information about speed limits. With the newly imposed higher speeding fines, an outdated satnav can put the driver at risk of failing to follow the correct speed limit. If the satnav gives the driver an outdated speed limit, that misinformation could be setting the driver up for a hefty speeding fine.

The new speeding fines can be 150% of the driver’s weekly salary plus three points on their license. The new speeding fine rules were taken into effect as of 24 April 2017.

Drivers have been warned that they need to update their satnav and drive responsibly. The problem is that almost 80% of the drivers in the UK rely on satnavs or smartphones for information about speed limits. However, only 58% of drivers update their devices regularly. This means that speed limit changes remain unknown to the device and are leading to increased speeding infractions.

The USwitch says that drivers who rely on their device without updating as necessary can face huge fines. Other problems from outdated information on a satnav can arise from being unaware of road changes. Approximately one-fifth of drivers have said that false information given to them by their satnav has led to them making dangerous mistakes on the road such as traveling the wrong way on a one-way street. Many drivers have been given the wrong speed limit by their satnav.

For safety reasons, it’s important to remember that a satnav cannot replace cautious driving and following the rules of the road. Any driver needs to recognize that while the satnav is a useful tool, relying on an outdated device could lead to danger on the road and for the wallet.