Sparks in the Park was Wales biggest annual firework display held around Guy Fawkes Night on Coopers Field in 2015. Was told that 14,000 people attended, and at the peak there were 13,000 on the field at any one time.

This year it is back again and Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd and MG Motor UK are proud to be part of it along with Heart FM and Cardiff Round Table! All tickets proceeds will go to charities and good causes in the local community.

Thought to be Wales biggest annual firework display in 2015, the non-profit charitable event, Sparks in the Park is back in 2016 promising a great night of entertainment for the family. 

The event is set to be on Saturday 5th November, and according to the organiser: the gates are set to open around 4:30pm, with the Children fireworks roughly at 5:45 pm, followed up with the lighting of the bonfire on 6:15 pm getting ready for the grand show main fireworks at 7:00pm.

Cardiff’s best fireworks display Tickets will be on sale online and at the gates, in the runup weeks and days to the traditional annual show.

Right now, there is a 25% early bird discount, but it will not last forever, so hurry to get your tickets via

Don't miss this one, it was sold out last year, if not you will have to wait for another year!

Congratulations to 


Gwilym from Bridgend

Angela from Port Talbot 

Donna from Bridgend

Who just won the 3 sets of family tickets for the Sparks In the Park.

If you are one of those who have not won, there is still time to buy the tickets at ticketline.


Looking forward to seeing you at the event on 5th November!